December 30, 2199


Trudy was my first build and is now going strong at 30 years old. She has crossed Bass Strait 8 times, including one memorable occasion when returning home from Wynyard she self steered for 27 hours with the tiller lashed and no one in the cockpit.( Too Wet, ) She had sailed 10 miles off the rum line to windward, and headed for the western entrance instead of Cape Woolamai.

December 29, 2199


She is a comforatble four birth boat that is simple to sail alone or with a small group.

December 28, 2199

La Cage

'La Cage' . She is my second self built yacht which is a 40 foot vessel and has been on the water in constant use for over 5 years.

A fine example of a complete vessel designed and built using the method to be documented right here.

September 6, 2011

Cross Section of 19 Foot Container Boat

The dotted line shows the original Dorey Shape. This would have needed heavy ballasting, which I did not want if I needed to tow the boat with a trailer. I have added an extra chine for form stability. The drawing also shows a detatchable keel, to allow the boat to carry sail.

September 5, 2011

Profile of 32 foot cruising Boat

Drawing of 32 footer with fixed keel. The comission is for a centre-board version. I personally dont like things that move.

September 2, 2011

More chines added to building jig

This model is 2 inches to the foot and shows how easy it is to add extra chines allowing the builder to create an instant shape.

September 1, 2011

Adding chine bars or pipe to building jig

Chines being added to building jig using hurdles at widest beam and stern and bow rake.

Building Jig for 32 foot Cruising Yacht

Model of simple building jig for 32 foot centre-board cruising yacht

New commission for 32 foot cruising yacht, starting with a simple building jig, will be added in amongst the existing build feature.

May 24, 2011

Additional Chine

An extra chine has been added to the edge here to increase form stability. I have used the lightest mesh they make and there will be huge added buoyancy with the extra foam!

Additional Chine

Mesh built up as part of the cockpit housing