Savage Garden

Brisbane 1994-2001



Savage Garden                   1997   12   Produced by Charles Fisher and Savage Garden

CD   AUS   Columbia
     AUT   Columbia 501466 2
     USA   Columbia CK 067954 (11 tracks, different songs)

The Future of Earthly Delites   1997   11

CD   AUS   Columbia

Affirmation                     1999   12   Produced by Walter Afanasieff, Darren Hayes and Daniel Jones

CD   AUS   Columbia
     AUT   Columbia 494935 2
     AUT   Columbia 494935 9 (with bonus live cd)
     USA   Columbia CK 063711

Declaration                     2000   11   Produced by Savage Garden

CD   AUS   Columbia

Truly Madly Completely          2005   17



Hayes Darren (v) 1994-2001
Jones Daniel (g,k) 1994-2001

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