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Chesham shuttle to be replaced by direct trains next month

Posted by Camilla Goodman on Nov 17, 10 02:40 PM in Useful Info

CHESHAM rail users will no longer need to change at Chalfont and Latimer from December 12 when the shuttle is replaced by direct trains which will run throughout the day.

The move follows a public consultation held earlier in the year by London Underground where 80 per cent were in favour of the change.

Chairman of the Federation of the Metropolitan Line Users' Committees, Anthony Wood, said: "It's a good move and one we fully support because the public support it. They may have a few operating problems to begin with but I'm sure they will find a way to sort it quickly."

Chairman of the Chesham Society, Trevor Pilling, said: "I think it's a great thing, I suppose you could say it's reinstating us to what we were originally. We are a main line and a lot of people travel on it so I think it's an excellent thing.

"It pushes the station up a step because obviously in the past there has been fears that they might even close it down, so we have gone back up in the pecking order."

Extra seating will also be available because the previous four carriage shuttle will be replaced by a standard Metropolitan Line eight carriage train.

A Transport for London (TfL) spokesperson said: "From Sunday 12 December customers using the Metropolitan line from Chesham into London will no longer need to change at Chalfont and Latimer. Direct trains will run throughout the day improving services for passengers. This change will also apply to journeys from Central London to Chesham."

TfL also said that passengers will be able to enjoy a more comfortable journey on the Metropolitan line in the future.

They added: "The first new air-conditioned train for the Metropolitan line entered passenger service in August this year, with the roll-out of the rest of the fleet continuing to be delivered 2011."

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Peter said:

Not much to do with "consultation" more to do with the fact that they have bought new trains that are too big for the shuttle platform at Chalfont.

Bookworm123 said:

You are so right Peter and I also believe that the new trains have far fewer seats on them so for those who join the train a little further down the line - say Chalfont (!) you could be standing all the way to London!

Richard said:

I think the new direct trains are a hige improvement. Okay there have been some teething problems, but Overall I am happy happy to say goodbye to:

Interminable waits at Chalfont for a Shuttle to turn up.

Driving to Amersham to catch trains that would be virtually empty were it not for myself and other Chesham residents who had done likewise.

As for the new trains - I've been on one once myself and as far as I am concerned they are 100% better than the ancient stock currently being used, and they have air-con!!

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