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  Sunday, October 07, 2012

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Aircraft Launch & Recovery Equipment (ALRE)

Pilot's View Of Carrier Runway ImageNAVAIR Lakehurst is responsible for the equipment to launch aircraft from aircraft carriers and expeditionary airfields, to guide them back to the ship or field and to recover them. As we say, "Without us they donít go and they canít get back". This equipment includes steam catapults (and in the future, the Electromagnetic catapult (EMALS)), shipboard and expeditionary arresting gear, shipboard barricades (in case the aircraft should miss the arresting gear), and visual landing aids.

ALRE for which NAVAIR Lakehurst is responsible include:

  • The C13 Mod 2 low-pressure catapult - increased cylinder diameter means lower required steam pressure from the ship's boilers, increasing reactor life.

  • The Electromagnetic Aircraft Launching System (EMALS) - the next generation catapult currently under development to free the ship from the requirement of supplying steam to launch aircraft.

  • Shipboard and shorebased arresting gear including the MK7 MOD 4 arresting gear installed on the CVN76 Ronald Reagan

  • The Advanced Launch and Recovery Control System (ALRCS) - using available sensor and control technologies to modernize launch and recovery control systems

  • The VSTOL Optical Landing System (OLS) - permitting all-weather VSTOL aircraft operations from amphibious assault ships. Guides the aircraft to 50 feet above the flight deck up to the final approach phase.

  • Virtual Imaging Systems for Approach and Landing (VISUAL) - Provides the LSO/shipís company with enhanced images of approaching aircraft and critical recovery information.

  • The A/S32P-25 (P-25) - the new Fire Fighting Vehicle provides increased flow rates and remote control capability on board aircraft carriers and amphibious assault ships.

  • The Aviation Data Management and Control System (ADMACS) - a tactical, real-time information management system maintaining data integrity throughout the ship spaces that manage aircraft launch and recovery operations on CV/CVN and LHA/LHD class ships.

  • The Integrated Shipboard Information System (ISIS) - a user interface system providing the data display and entry used to manage flight operations data integrated into the workflow of the space.

  • Aviation Weapons Information Management Systems (AWIMS) - a data management system designed to collect, distribute and display information used to manage weapons inventory and allocation conducted in all ordnance loading and storage spaces of an aircraft carrier.

  • As well as jet blast deflectors, wind measuring and indication systems, shipboard marking and lighting, air capable ship Recovery, Assist, Securing and Traversing (RAST) systems, expeditionary airfield arresting systems, visual landing aids and matting and aviation facility certification.

NAVAIR Lakehurst is responsible for the definition, development, acquisition and life cycle support of ALRE systems. As such, NAVAIR Lakehurst is the Boeing, Lockheed Martin or Northrop Grumman of the ALRE world - the Navy's prime contractor for catapults and arresting gear.

The ALRE vision is to continue to provide the Naval Aviation community with the safest, most capable, efficient and cost effective systems and equipment by:

  • Continuously and incrementally improving current systems and equipment

  • Appropriate insertion of technological advancements and leveraging technology to reduce systems cost and manning

  • Taking full advantage of joint service opportunities and private sector partnerships

  • Reducing costs by embracing acquisition reform principles and increasing the use of modeling and simulation techniques

  • Remaining the world's expert in Aircraft Launch and Recovery Equipment





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