Pomsky Club of America


A couple years ago I saw the viral "pomsky" photo that everyone has seen. I knew it was just a young husky but was intrigued by the idea. I had always loved the idea of a miniature husky but was not interested in the alaskan klee klei because I wanted something that looked more like a siberian husky (heavier boned with a fuller coat). I also wanted a dog that would be more friendly and outgoing than the akk. Having 3 very young children temperament has always been paramount for me. I began combing the internet and could not find any evidence of an intentional litter of pomskies ever being created. I found a couple incidences where a very large pomeranian and a husky got together but the results of these unplanned breedings were not impressive. Being an experienced breeder I knew I could make it happen but did not want to jump into anything. I spent the next year and a half tirelessly researching genetics and hybrids. I was thrilled when my friend Joline Phillips of Arctic Design Pomskies decided to join me in my quest. After countless late nights sharing information and having long drawn out debates we were ready to start looking for foundation dogs. I searched all over the country for weeks before I found the male pomeranian. After that I purchased a few different huskies but was having a difficult time finding one with the personality I was wanting our pomskies to have. Just when I had all but given up Joline found Tabetha of AZ Pomskies. She had a husky that had just reached breeding age and had been cleared by a vet. She had a wonderful temperament, was in excellent health and was just stunning. Tabetha had planned to breed purebred huskies but was very excited when we told her what we were trying to do. A few months later on March 5th 2012 the first planned pomsky litter was born. We were all there to deliver them and it was an experience I will never forget. From that litter I got my 2 sweet girls Noki and Meep and Joline kept Proto, another girl from the litter.

As it became apparent that pomskies did indeed exist there was a number of people trying to do what we did with no thought or research, just throwing together their pet husky with a pomeranian of someone they happened to know. There were also numerous people sharing false information about pomskies as well as people claiming to have photos of pomskies that were clearly just huskies or pomeranians. Pomsky scams were showing up everywhere and it was just a huge mess. I became very concerned for the future of my dream dogs and knew I had to do whatever I could to protect this breed that has already surpassed all others in my heart. And so the Pomsky Club of America was formed. I am very excited about the future of pomskies and will continue to update this site with accurate information as we continue to learn more about the potential of this amazing hybrid. Hopefully by informing the public we can ensure a brighter future for the pomsky.

-Tressa Peterson of Apex Pomskies
PCA founder and president
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