Government of Nova Scotia
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Emblems and Symbols

The Shield of Arms
The Flag
The Mace
The Tartan
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Visual Identity
The Mayflower
The Wild Blueberry
The Red Spruce
The Duck Tolling Retriever
The Osprey
The Bluenose II

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Bluenose Brain Busters
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  • The Ancient Arms of Nova Scotia is the oldest in the Commonwealth countries.
  • It includes the Shield of Arms, topped by a royal helmet of gold, with a blue and silver scroll representing the royal cloak.
  • Above the helmet are two joined hands, one armoured and the other bare, supporting a sprig of laurel for peace, and thistle for Scotland.
  • On the left is the mythical royal unicorn and on the right a 17th-century representation of the North American Indian.
  • At the top, the motto reads: One defends and the other conquers.
  • Entwined with the thistle of Scotland at the bottom is the mayflower, which was added in 1929.

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