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 Film & Video - The Robert Mitchell Boys Choir
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That Girl From Paris (RKO, 1936)
music: I Love You Truly, work done in Oct 1936; appearance

Broadway Melody of 1938 (MGM, 1937)
music: Yours and Mine, work done in Apr 1937; appearance?

Melody Farm (MGM, around 1937)
music: Swing Me, Mendelssohn [introduced?], work done in Aug 1937; soundtrack only

College Swing (Paramount, 1938)
music: Old School Bell [introduced?], work done in Nov 1937; appearance

That Certain Age (Universal, 1938)
music: Be A Good Scout [introduced?], work done in May 1938; appearance

Angels With Dirty Faces (Warner Bros, 1938)
music: Sanctus - Schubert Mass in G, work done in Jul 1938; appearance

Carefree (RKO, 1938)
music: Change Partners [introduced?], work done in Jul 1938; appearance

The Great Waltz (MGM, 1938)
music: Vienna Woods, work done in Aug 1938; appearance

The Frontiersman (Paramount, 1938)
music: My Bonnie; Home on the Range; Happy Birthday; Carry Me Back to Old Virginny, work done in Aug 1938; appearance

Love Affair (RKO, 1939)
music: Wishing [introduced], work done in Dec 1938; soundtrack only

Man in the Iron Mask (United Artists, 1939)
work done in May 1939; appearance

The Star Maker (Paramount, 1939)
music: Still the Bluebird Sings, work done in May 1939; appearance

Land of Liberty (Paramount, 1941)
music: My Country 'Tis of Thee, work done in May 1939; soundtrack only

Tower of London (Universal, 1939)
music: Ave Maria; Veni Creator, work done in Sep 1939; appearance

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (RKO, 1939)
music: Litany/Palestrina; Ave Maria, work done in Nov 1939; soundtrack only

The Blue Bird (20th Century Fox, 1940)
work done in Nov 1939; appearance

Forty Boys and a Song (short) (Warner Bros, 1940)
music: Tollite Hostias; Shortnin' Bread; My Bonnie; If You Would Like to Lose Your Blues, work done in May 1940; appearance

A Little Bit of Heaven (Paramount, 1940)
music: After Every Rainstorm [introduced?], work done in Jun 1940; appearance

Foreign Correspondent (United Artists, 1940)
music: Dies Irae, work done in Jul 1940; soundtrack only

Meet John Doe (Warner Bros, 1940)
music: First Noel, work done in Aug 1940; appearance

So You're the One (Paramount, around 1940)
music: Strawberry Lane [introduced?], work done in Dec 1940; soundtrack only

Penny Serenade (Columbia, 1941)
music: Silent Night, work done in Dec 1940; soundtrack only

Blondie In Society (Columbia, 1941) - Bob directs the choir
music: Trees, work done in Apr 1941; appearance (see photo below)

Blondie In Society
Bob Mitchell directs his choir in Blondie in Society (1941)

One Foot in Heaven (Warner Bros, 1941)
music: Children's Prayer, work done in Jul 1941; Appearance

Joan of Paris (RKO, 1941)
music: O Quanta Qualia, work done in Oct 1941; appearance

Yankee Doodle Dandy (Warner Bros, 1942)
music: You're a Grand Old Flag, work done in Jan 1942; appearance

Tortilla Flat (MGM, 1942)
music: Kyrie/Schubert; I Think When I Read, work done in Feb 1942; soundtrack only

Government Project #15 (20th Century Fox, around 1942)
work done in Aug 1942; appearance?

Mission to Moscow (Warner Bros, 1943)
music: Hitler Youth Song, work done in Nov 1942; appearance

Idaho (Republic, 1943)
music: Holy, Holy, Holy; Idaho [introduced?], work done in Dec 1942; appearance

Good Luck Mr. Yates (Columbia, 1943)
music: Loyal Sons of Leighton, work done in Feb 1943; appearance

Sweet Rosie O'Grady (20th Century Fox, 1943)
music: Sweet Rosie O'Grady [introduced?], work done in Mar 1943; appearance

Going My Way (Paramount, 1944)
music: Ave Maria; Ave Verum; Irish Lullaby; Swingin' on a Star [introduced], work done in Aug 1943; appearance (see photo below)

The Gang's All Here (20th Century Fox, 1943)
music: Polkadots and Moonbeams [introduced?], work done in Oct 1943; appearance?

The Bells of Rosarita (Republic, 1945)
music: Bugler's Lullaby; Bells of Rosarita [introduced?], work done in Jan 1944; appearance

Night and Day (Warner Bros, 1946)
music: In the Still of the Night, work done in June 1945; soundtrack only

The Jolson Story (Columbia, 1946)
music: Ave Maria; Ahavat olom, work done in Oct 1945; appearance

Song of Arizona (Republic, 1946)
music: 6 songs; Song of Arizona [introduced?], work done in Nov 1945; appearance

Duel in the Sun (Selznick, 1947)
music: El Bolero, work done in Nov 1946; soundtrack only

Christmas Eve (1947)
work done in Jan 1947; appearance?

Climbing the Matterhorn (RKO, 1947)
music: Der Schweizerknabe, work done in Jan 1947; soundtrack only

High Conquest (RKO, 1947)
music: Der Schweizerknabe, work done in Jan 1947; soundtrack only

The Bishop's Wife (Goldwyn, 1947)
music: O Sing Unto God, work done in June 1947; Appearance

The Paleface (Paramount, 1948)
music: Buttons and Bows [introduced], work done in Sept 1947; appearance

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court (Paramount, 1949)
music: Nonsense Song, work done in Oct 1947; appearance

Going My Way
Bob Mitchell's choir in Bing Crosby's Going My Way (1944)

Mickey (Eagle-Lion, 1948)
music: Miller's Wooing, work done in Oct 1947; appearance

The Babe Ruth Story (Allied Artists [listed as Eagle-Lio, 1948)
music: The First Noel; Take Me out to the Ball Game; O Come All Ye Faithful; Fairest Lord

work done in Mar 1948; appearance

The Iron Curtain (20th Century Fox, 1948)
work done in Mar 1948; soundtrack only?

A Boy and His Dog (RKO, around 1949)
with Gary Gray
work done in Jan 1949; appearance

The Man on the Eiffel Tower (RKO, 1949)
music: Tres Gay Paree, work done in Jun 1949; soundtrack only

Wagon Master (RKO, 1950)
music: Come, Come Ye Saints, work done in Feb 1950; soundtrack only

Peggy (Universal, 1950)
work done in Mar 1950; soundtrack only?

On Moonlight Bay (Warner Bros, 1951)
music: Christmas [introduced], work done in Feb 1951; appearance

Peter Pan (Disney, 1953)
work done in 1952; soundtrack only

White Christmas (Paramount, 1954)
music: White Christmas work done in 1954; soundtrack only

The Night of the Hunter (United Artists [listed as Goldwyn], 1955)
work done in 1955; soundtrack only

Strange Lady in Town (Warner Bros, 1955)
work done in 1955; soundtrack only

The Rose Tattoo (Paramount, 1955)
music: Ave Maris Stella, work done in 1955; soundtrack only

The Bad Seed (Warner Bros, 1956)
work done in 1956; soundtrack only

Giant (Warner Bros, 1956)
music: Star Spangled Banner; La Golondrina; Las Chiapanecas, work done in 1956; soundtrack only

Johnny Rocco (P.R.C., 1958)
work done in 1958; Appearance

The Birds (Universal, 1963)
work done in 1963; soundtrack only

Robin and the Seven Hoods (Warner Bros, 1964)
music: Don't be a do-badder, work done in 1964; Appearance

The Agony and the Ecstasy (20th Century Fox, 1965)
music: Alleluja, work done in 1965; soundtrack only

Inside Daisy Clover (Warner Bros, 1965)
music: Silent Night; O Come All Ye Faithful, work done in 1965; appearance

The Great Bank Robbery (Warner Bros, 1969)
music: Rainbow Rider [introduced?], work done in 1969; appearance

Popi (1969)
music: Popi [introduced], work done in 1969; soundtrack only

Goodbye Mr Chips (MGM, 1969)
work done in 1969; soundtrack only

Jonathan Livingston Seagull (Paramount, 1973)
work done in 1973; soundtrack only

Superdad (Disney, 1974)
work done in 1974; Appearance

All Night Long (1981)
work done in 1981; appearance

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