How the GOP stole the nomination

A crescendo of establishment tyranny and epic last minute rules manipulation unfolded at the RNC, leaving hundreds of legally elected delegates and other Republicans, representing millions of others, disenfranchised and ready for a mass exodus from the Republican party.

After an entire election season of rules breaking in almost every state by so-called GOP “officials” and mainstream media manipulation of the process, many expected GOP establishment shenanigans at the RNC. But to watch them play out the way they did during Tuesday thru Thursday's proceedings fully cemented the reality that the establishment, regardless of whether Democrat or Republican, despite the people's wishes, will literally do anything they wish to insure the current "bankster" establishment structure stronghold, even to the detriment of the people.

State by state, since even prior to January's Iowa Caucus, the GOP establishment, in conjunction with the establishment's “mainstream” media, did everything in their power to fool the electorate into believing falsehoods during the entire process.

All over the country Ron Paul was winning the majority of the polls in 2011, leading up to the election season, but the media ignored the results and continued to pretend Ron Paul was a non-factor. Even openly ridiculing his political philosophies as “fringe, kooky or crazy,” as if the “news” was no longer expected to be an unbiased source of honest information. Members of the media would start rumors and establishment politicians would even stoop so low as to claim that if Paul should happen to win Iowa people should look to the second and third place finishers instead. If Paul should happen to win anything, they claimed, it would discredit that poll or caucus. Talk even emerged stating that Iowa should be reconsidered as the “First in the Nation” caucus, simply because Paul was the favorite to win. “Both” sides of the so-called two-party news machine were equally to blame as the dumbed-down American constituency joyfully played along as if 3rd grade childish political tactics are the norm and excepted behavior. Unfortunately, that just may be the case.

It started off with a stolen Iowa Straw Poll, an important and revealing early poll that witnessed Michele Bachmann literally buy the votes necessary to just edge out Ron Paul by only a few votes. Immediately, as if Paul didn't exist, Bachmann was touted as a “front-runner,” barely mentioning the second place Ron Paul, who should have won if not for the shenanigans. The media happily played along as if Bachmann won fair and square, yet ironically criticized the poll before hand when Paul was showing strong exit poll numbers. “If Paul wins,” establishment talking heads would echo, “wouldn't that discredit the straw poll?” But when Bachmann seemingly won, all the talk about ridiculing the poll immediately ceased. Showing her candidacy's true strength, however, Bachmann would go on to get embarrassingly trounced in Iowa's first official caucus and subsequently dropped out of the race entirely. It was almost as if Bachmann was only in the race in the beginning to steal the Iowa Straw Poll from Paul, for the establishment, to steal any momentum that his candidacy would have enjoyed from the win.

January's Iowa Caucus witnessed similar, but even worse, official thievery. Because of the fact that Paul had a slight entrance poll edge leading up to the Iowa caucus, Iowa's GOP decided to change the vote count location, for the first time, to a secret location. While NeoCon Karl Rove oversaw CNN's coverage of the late evening's events, Iowa's voters witnessed off-the-charts Tom-foolery as those who count the votes purposely disappeared 8 separate precincts, the majority being strong Ron Paul supporting areas and all eight being precincts Romney had lost in 2008. The event was sabotaged so badly that Iowa's official election website had to admit that the unofficial results can never be certified. The Iowa Republican Party even had to retract an original Romney win for Santorum, both being disingenuous results to begin with, while the 8 missing precincts are still magically unaccounted for. Also eventually surfacing was the fact that 131 different precincts reported inaccurate results. Certain party officials even had to step down in disgrace and even though Santorum and Romney both barely edged out Ron Paul, just like the important straw poll months earlier, the media played along as if only two candidates were involved, hardly mentioning Paul's very close third placed finish. It was at that moment Romney and Santorum became the media darlings and were paraded, from that point on, as the election favorites.

At that point the establishment and its media, despite obvious election fraud and manipulation, had successfully sold the portion of the American public that cares to watch the elections unfold, from the mainstream media's perspective, into believing Ron Paul was just a fringe candidate, with little to no chance at garnering the nomination. Although much harder to pull off this time, as opposed to the 2008 nomination process, people still have an unfortunate tenancy to believe the national media as being generally trustworthy, despite how desperately obvious it became they were nakedly stealing Ron Paul's momentum.

As the nomination season progressed, however, many more states would see similar and incredible attempts by state party officials to either discredit Paul and his supporters, all the while with happy support by both local and national media outlets and their teleprompter readers, or openly break state and/or national election laws to prevent Paul from winning. Not surprisingly, with no one yet to be held accountable for their actions. Caucus or primary goers, if they were Ron Paul supporters, would be illegally locked out from participating in their state's elections, officials would disband the proceedings early, turn off the lights at election locations, force the proceedings to take place in parking lots, discontinue proceedings if people were recording the events on cameras or cell phones and, among many other country-wide tactics, even going as far as calling the police on electioneers if they didn't vote the way the establishment wanted them to. Ron Paul supporters were forced to literally fight every square inch of the way, through almost insurmountable odds, just to garner a few delegates.

States like Iowa, Nevada, Maine and almost every caucus state in the union would literally see open election fraud take place during their state's delegate selection processes, attempting to do everything they could to prevent Ron Paul from gaining any momentum. So much so that it was almost as if they knew they wouldn't get in trouble if they were caught. States like Iowa and Nevada, however, witnessed state party officials being forced to step down as a result, but only after their actions became a public media spectacle and one the media couldn't ignore for fear of being seen as aiding and abetting the conspirators. As usual, the media would spin the reasons why officials were stepping down as a result of their actions. Other state officials were able to basically get away with it or felt empowered by the lack of accountability during the process and remained in their perspective positions, even after committing election laws violations and, in some cases, criminal violations.

Nonetheless, Ron Paul's supporters and delegate hopefuls continued to educate each other about the process via volunteering and largely on the internet, teaching each other about election rules and instructing each other to follow them to the letter, knowing any little rules violation would be used against them. As a result of unprecedented organization and dedication, hundreds of Ron Paul supporting delegates were able to eventually work their way into positions of national delegacy, despite the odds and despite total media manipulation the entire time.

As the race continued to unfold the establishment started to realize that Ron Paul's delegates were growing at a pace that began to scare them. Hundreds of delegates for Paul were emerging and insider estimates were claiming that as many as 500 or more had been legally elected out of the caucus states and some primary states.

As the race began to wind down and approach the RNC, Paul had won at least a six state delegate plurality and some estimates were seeing Paul as having taken as much as an 11 state delegate plurality. According to official RNC rules, only 5 states were needed to be added to the first ballot at the RNC. Up to this point the media continued to act as if Paul was still a non-factor, even though he and Romney were the only ones left standing. Thankfully for Romney, largely due to some of the very same Wall Street campaign financiers that supported Obama during his '08 campaign. Otherwise, Paul would have likely outlasted even Romney.

It was right around that time the media began to run a propaganda campaign that aimed to fool people into believing that states where Romney may have taken the initial caucus or primary meant delegates from those states had to vote for Romney at the RNC. Even after a 2008 McCain delegate wanted to ironically switch to Romney and the RNC made a rules change (Rule 38) allowing any delegate to vote for whomever they wish on any ballot. Despite the rules, both the RNC and officials within, including most of the very disingenuous mainstream media, continued to cleverly push the falsehood in various ways that Paul either had far fewer delegates than he actually had and/or that many of those delegates were going to be forced to vote for Romney anyway. Neither were true and, although those who trust the establishment's media tried to argue for the misconception, Ron Paul's delegates and supporters already know not to trust the media and planned on voting for their candidate anyway.

The establishment watches websites like Facebook, Twitter, The Daily Paul and other sources where Paul's delegates kept each other informed of the truth, despite the media's total disinformation campaign. They knew Paul's delegates were going to follow the rules and vote for Paul at the RNC, regardless. They also knew there was a real chance Paul had enough delegates to potentially force a brokered convention, if there were enough Paul delegates to prevent Romney from garnering the 1144 delegates needed to win the nomination on the first ballot. This also scared the establishment and the likely reason they then decided to enact other desperate covert operations that attempted to either disqualify or replace Pauls delegates in specific states Paul had gained a plurality, replacing many of those legally elected delegates with Romney's. The media even tried to run the scam that Nebraska was Paul's last chance at garnering the nomination, claiming Paul only had a four state delegate plurality and, Nebraska being one of the final primary states in the election season, was Paul's last chance at a five state delegate plurality.

While still maintaining the media induced falsehood that states where Romney may have won the initial caucus or primary, which supposedly forced Paul delegates to vote for Romney at the RNC, states like Massachusetts tried to illegally force Paul's delegates to sign affidavits just prior to the RNC saying they'd vote for Romney at the RNC under fears they'd be unseated during the RNC in favor of those who would. Not only was this an attempt by the RNC and the Romney campaign to reduce the number of states Paul gained a plurality of delegates in, this also attempted to ensure Paul would reach the RNC with fewer overall delegates than what he started out with. (Disclaimer: This article has literally only pointed out a few of the many attempts by a vast array of official state GOP shenanigans. Many more attempts at ruining Ron Paul's chances at the nomination were undocumented by this article.)

It was apparent that a years worth of media manipulation and official GOP election shenanigans, in this election cycle alone, were largely responsible for Paul reaching the RNC with fewer than half of the delegates he could have, had the establishment and its media played by the rules. Because of that there really ended up being little chance Paul could have taken the nomination on the floor at the RNC. Nonetheless, supporters of Paul who were able to make their way to the convention in Tampa were there to support Ron Paul and to make their voices heard, but even this was something the establishment wanted nothing to do with.

In addition to being given nosebleed seats at the convention center, many of Paul's supporters and other delegates were left stranded at various locations around the city while others were purposely driven around for hours in buses, unable to attend the convention for lengthy periods of time. Some were even taken back to their hotels as late as 3 AM, leaving delegates exhausted.

Once there, while a virtual police state formed outside, delegates from Oklahoma, Louisiana, Nevada, Maine and Massachusetts watched themselves unseated as delegates in favor of Romney delegates, despite overwhelming objections from the floor. Obvious points of order were outright ignored as if no Paul delegates were even there. Individuals recording the proceedings from the floor were able to catch those running the teleprompter purposely skipping over portions of the proceedings (teleprompter part 2) that would have allowed for a fair fight. Delegates were unseated and rules changes were unfairly adopted in front of the nation. If that wasn't bad enough, because of the fact that Ron Paul had garnered at least a six state delegate plurality (the majority of delegates from any given state) and the GOP establishment was ultimately unable to rid themselves of that problem, they even decided against the wishes of the attendees to change the rules at the last minute to state that potential nominees must now have an eight state delegate plurality in order to be added to the first ballot, immediately eliminating Paul from a spot on the first ballot.

If all that weren't enough, the establishment GOP and the RNC had the nerve to change the rules, from the 2008 Romney delegate rule change that stated no delegate can be bound to vote for anyone one candidate in particular, to state that delegates emerging from states must now vote for the candidate that won their particular state at the RNC. To make matters worse, rule changes now literally state that RNC officials can remove or replace any delegates they so desire for any reason whatsoever, and replace them with the delegates of their choosing. Some of these rule changes were taking place even as delegates were being held hostage on buses that circled the convention center until it was too late to have a say. Even some mainstream media sources called the events the biggest power grab in RNC history.

As a result, people from all over the country who spent countless hours campaigning for their candidate, attending caucuses and conventions and sacrificing hundreds and even thousands of dollars paying for those local, regional and state conventions, then paying their way to Tampa, were not only stripped of their duly elected delegacy in many cases, but also stripped of their dignity and their right to a fair election.

As the smoke clears, rest assured this is not going to go over well with all those who were disenfranchised and left out in the cold, while the Republican establishment steals yet another election. Make no mistake about the fact that Ron Paul and all of his millions of supporters around the country are now likely to abstain from voting for Romney at all, even if that means losing the election to Obama. Although most are likely to turn their support in the direction of a Gary Johnson for instance, if Ron Paul ultimately decides not to run third-party.

One thing is for sure, however, regardless of how the chips ultimately fall, just as Ben Swann of KXIX Fox 19 Cincinnati stated after the convention finale, "What happens in Tampa, isn't staying in Tampa."

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