Social@Scale™: Human Resources

Today’s HR teams are responsible for a wide variety of tasks that are a critical to an organization’s success. HR Managers discover new talent, mitigate potential risk and, most importantly, are responsible for creating a corporate culture. Today’s internal HR teams need to be connected to the broader community in order to gauge employee happiness, discover potential organizational issues and evolve corporate values.

Sprinklr empowers HR teams by offering simple ways to search job specific discussions, gain insight to changes in the market and stay on top of premier talent.

With Sprinklr, HR Teams can connect with current and future employees.

  • Setting-up lists and groups of employee Social accounts to monitor.
  • Profiling and analyzing potential candidates social activity and behavior.
  • Integrating with Linkedin, allowing you to discover candidates using expertise searches.
  • Leveraging social channels to promote company culture and attract candidates.
  • Creating an employee forum to encourage internal collaboration and communication between teams.