Social@Scale™: Engagement

Maintaining a consistent approach while engaging with consumers across a variety of products, divisions and languages is a challenge for many brands. Using Sprinklr’s engagement resources, you can gauge the interests of your target audience, join conversations and create long-term relationships. Our solution helps brands collaborate as a team to prioritize response, facilitate real-time customer support and mitigate potential crisis.

With Sprinklr brands can:

  • Rely on Multi-channel, multi-function and multi-division support for engagement, reporting and monitoring.
  • Identify audience members that require routing for notification or escalation based on influence, past engagement and custom variables.
  • Create a customized approval workflows based on user permissions.
  • Simplify inbound content workflow with queues, message assignment and notifications.
  • Identify brand advocates and key influencers.
  • Avoid spammers using our proprietary Spam Index.
  • Determine most active members via our Participation Index.
  • Search, filter and analyze audience members and create rules to automatically tag and profile them.
  • Determine sentiment via automated and manual scoring.