The Boy's School in Newhaven occupied what is now known as the Hillcrest Community Centre

At the outbreak of the First World War the building was requisitioned by the army for use as a Military Hospital

The boy's were moved into rooms on Meeching Road for the duration of the war

This website tells the story of those years

Meeching Road, Newhaven

The information on this website is based  on the Log Book of the Meeching Boy's School

This book was a
legal document maintained by the Headteacher of the school


The school was closed for the summer holiday at the outbreak of war

Apart from the difficulties involved in moving, the war was soon to put added strain on the staff as the younger men volunteered for service in the army

October 12th
School re-opens this morning in (1) the Church Room and (2) Congregational Room, Meeching Road, as the Boy's School has been taken over as a military hospital. Four of the staff viz. Messrs. Bulbeck, Maguire, Stace and Dudley have joined His Majesty's forces and the staff is consequently four short this morning. Miss Rhodes from Infant School was sent on a temporary keep

The ways in which the community was to support the war effort are evident

October 16th
Headteacher received notice that the school has to be closed on 20th and 21st inst. for the holding of a Concert in aid of funds for Soldiers and Sailors Families Association

And the needs of the army always came first !

December 14th
Children assembled as normal this morning but at 9.15 they were dismissed as the buildings were
required by the military authorities

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