The Letters
Lieutenant J N Wreford Brown
12th Div. 9th Battalion Essex Regiment

"The opinion out here is the Boche offensive will not come off or at any rate not on the Western Front, but I think it will and he will try 5 or 6 small attacks .

Feb 17th, 1918 (nr Neuve Chapelle)

The Letters

The letters of J N Wreford Brown or Rowley as he was known to the family, have just this year come to light and been loaned to the History Department at Tideway School

Like those of his two brothers, they had been copied into a notebook by his sister. Unlike the previous collections, the letters of Rowley are incomplete and only cover his war service from 1917 onwards

They offer a fascinating description of the later stages of the war

Rowley was injured and sent back to England for treatment in 1918

In the letters he describes his treatment in England and his work in the army dealing with
demobilisation after the war

NOTE : for pupils or students studying the Weimar Republic there is a very useful first hand
description of conditions in Hamburg in 1919

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