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Shawn must communicate with the spirit world in order to recover a dead bank robber's stolen cash and save his widow's life.

Raylene Wilcroft, the widow of notorious bank robber David Wilcroft, is brought into the police station by Lassiter and Juliet to warn her that her husband's partners are being paroled. Since the money was never found, the police figure the convicts will come after Raylene for the cash, but she insists that her husband was the only one who knew where it was hidden, and he died in a car accident before he could divulge its location. Luckily for Raylene, Shawn and Gus happen to be at the station, and, overhearing that she is a psychic enthusiast, introduce themselves to her.

Raylene then becomes their first real client to hire them for a case. She asks them to contact her husband's spirit to find out where he hid the money, believing it will save her life from her husband's partners.

Meanwhile, Lassiter and Juliet are tailing the bank robbers in the hopes they will lead them to the missing money. Having arrested them the first time around, the cash is the last thing Lassiter needs to close the case for good.

Back at the Psych office, Shawn conducts a s´┐Żance with Raylene, David's sister, and some other friends, using the guise of contacting the spirit world to gather information on David's final days. Shawn discovers that the last time anyone heard from him, he was in a town near where his cousin Roger lives. Shawn and Gus decide it's time for a road trip.

It turns out that Roger runs the cemetery where David is buried. But when Shawn and Gus arrive to talk to him, they discover something much more unexpected. David Wilcroft, alive and well! David tells them that he's not a hardened criminal. He got in over his head. His partners trusted him to stash the cash, which he buried that night during a heavy storm. Only problem, when he went back to look for it, he had lost where he buried it. All of his markers had been washed away. At that point, he figured he'd be better off dead. He staged his car accident and ever since has been looking for the missing money.


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