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 Linocut © Martin J Walker, London 1968


Hornsey College of Art
The Hornsey Affair  

What was Hornsey 1968 all about?

Hornsey 1968

Penguin Educational Special  

I was there

The art school revolution

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Brian Marsh

Lisa Tickner

Published 1969  

Written 2008

Published 2008

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The real stuff of oral history. No-one will write it as accurately for you posthumously

I came upon the book Hornsey 1968 published in 2008 and felt I should read The Hornsey Affair which was published in 1969. It is available at The British Library. The first reading left me with 51 questions and the second merely expanded my Notes into an extended Commentary. In the process of reading I tried to put the names into a diagram below with a number of communication arrows and colours to help me process the information and reach my conclusions.

I had already set about writing my own recollections of What was Hornsey 1968 all about? Click the link to read on.
On 4 October 2008 there was a Reunion of past students of Hornsey College of Art and I was able to meet many people each with their own oral histories to tell. I managed to collect a number of email addresses and would invite anyone interested to read my experiences and contribute their own. You are welcome to email me if there is anything that might be chatted about: email me. This could include format details for me to upload to the web. I would be happy to chat further with anyone who attended the Reunion and I would like to make contact with graduates of Bowes Road 1968 particularly but anyone who took part in the Sit-In. If you know of anyone who went to Paris or someone who came from Paris to Hornsey that would also be interesting. Please pass this web page on to anyone you know who might be able to expand the breadth and depth of opinions and experiences.

Some years ago I saw Andy Warhol's self-portrait at Tate Britain. I had always admired his work and decided to paint this acrylic portrait (remember he didn't personally paint his portrait) as well as one of my daughter in similar style. Now having read all the books I have adapted Warhol's 'Fifteen minutes of Fame' to 15 seconds of Flame, as shown above.


A Summer's Reading - 2008









"Hardly smashing"

"The Hornsey Affair"




"Lost in translation"

"One star"

Gaullists v gauchists








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* Linocut print design and book cover of "The Hornsey Affair" published 1969, Copyright © Martin J Walker, London 1968

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