Glasgow Parenting Support Framework Evaluation

Glasgow Parenting Support Framework Evaluation project

The implementation of a public health approach to parenting support in Glasgow, with its National Health Service infrastructure and its robust routine data systems, represents a unique opportunity to learn how to improve the lives of children in Scotland and beyond.

We aim to establish the effectiveness of the Glasgow Parenting Support Framework.  The main part of our research assesses the emotional and social wellbeing of children from aged 30 months until the age of ten using the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ) total problem score as the primary outcome measure and the impact of the implementation of the Triple P system in Glasgow.  Our approach, described in the Evaluation Document, will use a range of statistical modelling procedures to allow us to examine the impact of interventions on the strengths and difficulties of Glasgow’s children.

Data collection

The proposed data collection diagram gives an overview of the universal measures.  In relation to the evaluation work of parenting support services in Glasgow, our group has adopted the principle that all data collected should have multiple potential purposes:
• Aiding decision making by professionals
• Needs assessment
• Performance management and quality control
• External evaluation

A significant change to universal services instigated by the Framework, and therefore a significant challenge for the evaluation team, is that health visitors will make contact with all families when their children are 30 months old.  The content of these contacts will include monitoring of the emotional, cognitive and social development of the child and assessing any need for support by services.

The principal components that form part of the Glasgow Parenting Support Framework Evaluation Project are:
• The ChILD project
• Evaluating Triple P in Glasgow
• Ready to Learn / Healthy Children (30 month universal contact)
• SDQ Preschool
• SDQ Primary 3 and Primary 6
• Assessment tools

Associated projects:
• Mellow Babies
• Solihull Approach

Our pilot evaluation work described in the Pilot Evaluation Final Report was carried out with West Glasgow Community Health and Care Partnership.