NOVEMBER 08, 2010

A spotlight on long-term unemployed... and those who care

The generosity of the Tampa Bay community never ceases to amaze me.  ... Read more

SEPTEMBER 20, 2010

Help Wanted signs popping up at this morning's job fair

After writing about rising unemployment trends and reasons why Tampa Bay is lagging recovery compared to much of the country, it was nice to see so many companies talking about actual AVAILABLE jobs at the job and career fair in St. ... Read more

SEPTEMBER 01, 2010

Four things that are somehow related

1. September is International Update Your Resume Month. It's true.

2. Says TechNewsWorld: And the job goes to ... the canddiate with the right keywords! ... Read more

SEPTEMBER 01, 2010

Cara and the pink slip party

The story ran in Monday's paper:

The pink slip party was set for Wednesday evening at the Centre Club on West Shore and Kennedy boulevards. She helped line up a couple of motivational speakers and got recruiters to pledge attendance and nailed down sponsorships from local businesses so job-seekers could get in free.

"I want to find a job," she said, "but I want to help other people in the same position, too." ... Read more

AUGUST 25, 2010

The job market view from 50+

Tuesday morning's torrential downpours may have hampered voter turnout for the primaries but not turnout here at a Tampa job fair geared toward those aged 50 and up. By AARP's count, about 1,000 people came through the four-hour fair and 200 of them took part in seminars to improve their job marketability. ... Read more

AUGUST 20, 2010

Battling the job slowdown

 A couple months ago, it looked like the economy was starting to get back on track. Temp hiring was up; new unemployment claims were down. The latest reports about job creation aren't as optimistic. Nowhere near as bad as the depth of the recession, but some setbacks nevertheless. ... Read more

AUGUST 04, 2010

Seniors: Mark your calendars

Amid a flurry of job fairs targeting laid-off employees, new graduates and veterans, AARP is organizing a Tampa job fair this month geared toward those 50-plus in the job hunt. ... Read more

JULY 26, 2010

Executive reinvents her professional self

Job counselors say one of the hardest things they face is people who either A) Don't accept that the kinds of jobs they had before just aren't available  or B) Have trouble taking the necessary steps to learn a new career.

The latest Help Wanted tale about Erma Charles reinventing her professional career is a case study about making the leap. ... Read more

JULY 16, 2010

Florida's unemployment rate at 11.4 percent - false hope or recovery underway?

Re: Florida's unemployment rate drops to 11.4 percent

Until now, many of the economists I talk to have been rather cautious about declaring a recovery in Florida's jobs market is underway.

To be sure, there are plenty of signs that the rate may spike higher later this year, especially as discouraged workers who've left the labor force start looking again. But after back-to-back-to-back drops in the unemployment rate, hope appears to be building that the worst is past.

  ... Read more

JULY 07, 2010

Tough summer job market for teens shaping up as a modern record.. for worst

The latest from outplacement firm Challenger Gray & Christmas: ... Read more

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