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$49.95 /month
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  • 5 social profiles
  • 10 posts scheduled
  • 2 RSS feeds
  • 4 search terms
  • 100,000 conversations / month
  • 1 user
  • Email support


$99.95 /month
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  • 10 social profiles
  • 25 posts scheduled
  • 5 RSS feeds
  • 10 search terms
  • 250,000 conversations / month
  • 3 users
  • Priority Email support


$349.95 /month
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  • 40 social profiles
  • 100 posts scheduled
  • 20 RSS feeds
  • 40 search terms
  • 1,000,000 conversations / month
  • 10 users
  • Priority Email & Phone support

Large Enterprise

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  • social profiles
  • posts scheduled
  • RSS feeds
  • search terms
  • conversations / month
  • users
  • Account Manager

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Hundreds of brands and agencies use Beevolve for their social media measurement and monitoring needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does social profiles mean?

Social Profile is a public page about your brand on a social network.

What does the number of search terms indicate?

It indicates you can search for conversation for only so many number of keywords.

What does the number of conversations per month indicate?

Conversations are data streams on social web covering most popular social networks and millions of websites from various forums, websites to popular news channels on the web. These data streams are extremely heavy to analysis, which takes up lots of server space and hence there is monthly limit to number of conversations you can get access to.

Can I try the product before buying?

Of-Course, try full 7 days for FREE. Remember, we only ask you to register your credit card details with us. Trust us, we will not charge you till you complete your 7 day Free trial period.

What happens at the end of my 7 days free trial?

After your 7 days free trail period is over, we will assume you want to continue with the service and w'll charge you on your registered credit card.

What are the different payment options you offer?

We currently have PayPal as preferred payment option. Other option is to make payment via direct bank debit. Please contact us for direct bank debit details.

What if i pick the wrong plan?

No problem, you can switch plan at anytime. Pick a plan that works for you and change them within the application

What if i want to track more number of conversations?

You can simply choose the plan from within application and upgrade with no hassle.

How good is your product in comparison to establish enterprise social media monitoring software?

We have our own crawler, we buy data directly from data providers, we have developed a sophisticated NLP (Natural Language Processing) capabilities all of this and more helps us to give you the most sophisticated analytics which any enterprise SMM software can claim. And not to forget we only charge a very reasonable price for an enterprise level sophisticated product.

Do i have a choice of cancelling the account anytime?

Yes, although we feel sad to see you going, you can easily cancel your account anytime from within the application.

Can I upgrade my pricing plan later?

Yes! you can upgrade your pricing plan from within the application itself.

Have another question?

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