Nigel Farage Re-Elected UKIP Party Leader

Nigel Farage canvassing in Buckingham

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Nigel Farage has launched an attack on Prime Minister David Cameron as he returned as leader of the UK Independence Party.

The MEP and former leader beat David Campbell Bannerman, Tim Congdon and Winston McKenzie in the members' ballot.

Mr Farage, who received more than 60% of the vote, used his acceptance speech to criticise the Government and call on disillusioned voters to switch to UKIP.

He said the Conservatives' policy in Europe could be summed up as: "Surrender, surrender, surrender."

"Patriotic eurosceptic Tories are beginning to realise that under David Cameron and under William Hague, their party has ceased to exist," he said.

He mocked the Government for cutting almost every budget while increasing the amount of money spent on the EU.

Mr Farage told supporters the political class had "never been more out of touch" and he did not have the "foggiest" idea what Mr Cameron's 'Big Society' policy meant.

A former leader of the party, he stepped down to stand for Parliament but failed to unseat Speaker John Bercow.

The eurosceptic politician survived a plane crash on election day, which he described as "nothing short of miraculous".

Ex-leader Lord Pearson welcomed Mr Farage's re-election and said: "The UKIP crown returns to it rightful owner."

He joked that as leader, he would be best remembered as the "toff who didn't bother to read his own manifesto".

When he quit, Lord Pearson said he was "not much good" at party politics.

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  • Video: 051110-ukip-leadership-farage-online-this-one