Committee Members

The Biomass Research and Development Technical Advisory Committee, although established currently under the Food Conservation and Energy Act of 2008 is governed under the rules of the Federal Advisory Committee Act of 1972 and its Designated Federal Officer (DFO) ensures their advice is objective and accessible to the public. Elliott Levine, Technology Manager within DOE's Office of the Biomass Program, is the Committee's DFO. Committee Members serve three year terms and can be renewed only once. Current members are listed below.

Member Name Affiliation Term Ending
Steve Briggs Committee Co-Chair November 2012
Ronnie Musgrove Committee Co-Chair November 2013
Robert Ames Solazyme November 2012
Dean Benjamin New Page Corporation November 2014
William Berg Dairyland Power Cooperative November 2012
David Bransby Auburn University November 2014
Pamela Reilly Contag Cygnet Biofuels November 2014
Bruce Dale Michigan State University November 2012
Harrison Dillon Solazyme November 2013
Joseph R. Ecker Salk Institute for Biological Studies November 2012
Neal Gutterson Mendel Biotechnology November 2013
Jennifer Holmgren LanzaTech November 2012
Huey-Min Hwang Jackson State University November 2013
Joseph James Agri-Tech Producers, LLC November 2014
Coleman Jones General Motors November 2014
Kevin Kephart South Dakota State University November 2013
Craig Kvien University of Georgia November 2014
Jay Levenstein Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services November 2013
Stephen Long University of Illionois November 2012
Mary McBride CoBank, ACB November 2012
Bruce McCarl Texas A&M University November 2014
Maureen McCann Purdue University November 2013
Neil Murphy State University of New York November 2014
David Nothmann Battelle November 2013
Jimmie Powell The Nature Conservancy November 2014
William Provine Dupont November 2013
James Seiber University of California November 2013
Abolghasem Shahbazi North Carolina A&T State University November 2014
John Tao O-Innovation Advisors, LLC November 2013
Alan Weber MARC-IV Consulting November 2014
Todd Werpy Archer Daniels Midland Company November 2012