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Come join in the fun. WEC has many events throughout the month.

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  • Membership

    WEC is a diverse group of over 100 executive level women.
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    Although we are all business women, we cherish our WEC membership for the lasting friendships we make here.  See our Member News Posts
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  • Monthly Luncheons and Events

    We have a luncheon meeting every month as well as several smaller events throughout the month.
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    Calendar - all the events that have been scheduled for the club.
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  • History of WEC

    In the summer of 1976, the idea of a professional network of executive women was discussed.  Three women executives founded the club: LilyB Moskal, Christine Godfrey and Zoe Stout.
    On August 15, 1978, the Articles of Incorporation and the bylaws of WEC were accepted by the membership.  This enabled WEC to start chapters throughout the United States.  In 1979, a second chapter was formed in Palm Beach County.