The ladies of Tau Beta Sigma - Iota had a blast last weekend helping Waco Girl Scouts earn their dance and music badges! The weather wasn't ideal, but Tau Betas aren't discouraged by a little rain (or a lot)! Shout out to Olivia, who escorted each Scout and their troop leader(s) under her umbrella, I’m sure they appreciated that :)

Once the girls were signed in they were separated into groups and we began the first of five required steps. Those earning their dance badges began by learning the stretches the Golden Wave Band does before every rehearsal. Emily, Lynn, and Kelsey made sure they were ready for what came next: Christina and Olivia, part of the Iota team whose step show earned first place at South District Convention, taught the Girl Scouts a simple routine they would later perform for the other troops. 

Meanwhile the Girl Scouts earning their music badges got to listen to Heather, Kathryn, and I play and teach the basics of bassoon, flute, and guitar. When the time came for questions, a girl (fourth grader) asked if I could play a C# minor! I was impressed.. Later, when Ashley and Allyson were listening to and explaining Beethoven and Mozart’s most famous compositions, a scout recognized one of the pieces and its composer. These Girl Scouts meant business! They were so smart. 

After the first two steps everyone met in my church’s sanctuary to listen to our sponsor Dr. Rick Espinosa speak about his music profession at Baylor. The Girl Scouts were fascinated and a few even tried imitating his conducting! For the most part though, he emphasized how powerful music is and taught a little about it while we listened to the pieces he provided. I always thought that the pieces that touch you are those that are the most intricate, so I was surprised to find that a few simple notes can be repeated over and over again to make a beautiful piece of music. He may have been nervous (which made me feel better, knowing I wasn’t the only one afraid of speaking to a large group of ten-year-olds), but he did a fantastic job! Iota is very grateful he participated in this event.

After learning about these different styles of dance and music the groups of Girl Scouts, with help from Tau Beta, created their own dances and songs which they performed to conclude the event.

Planning this event was extremely stressful, but it was so rewarding when the Girl Scouts came over to hug and thank me. I know the other girls got lots of love too! 

Hi! I’m Ashley Bird, and I am the Projects Chair this semester for Iota. I am in charge of all the fundraising. Our biggest fundraising that we do is during Parents Weekend; we sell shirts to the parents of the Golden Wave Band members. 

During the same time that we are selling parents weekend shirts, we also sell fleeces, hoodies and sweats for the members of the band. These are great to have when the weather starts to get cooler. This summer we also sold Preseason shirts (since college kids want a shirt for everything!), the shirts were a way to say “I survived preseason” and also a way to keep all the great memories that we all make during that week. 

This picture has nothing to do with my office, but I thought it was a really cool picture! Back to my office, I love designing all the shirts that we have sold. I am so blessed that I was selected for this office.  Thanks for reading about my office!!  SIC’EM BEARS!!!!


Ashley Bird :)
Hey sisters! 
My name is Leanna Mason! I am a Deaf Education Major with a Religion and Signed Language Interpreting double minor! 
I am a Flute Squad Leader and SPIRIT CHAIR! :)

I'm in charge of making spirit days for Friday rehearsals! 
One day we had TACKY FRIDAY! And here was my outfit.. (Remember the old bubble shirts we used to wear :D) (I also did the tacky sunscreen :D)

The next one (and my favorite) was TWIN DAY! I attached a picture of me and my squad :D They are amazing! We are inseparable! On the back of our shirts, we put our squad number, our nick name, and a Finding Nemo quote :) Let me explain a little bit. We are obsessed with FInding Nemo. I'm not really sure why, but during band week, I tried to think of something to say when we got to our sets. One time I said "Sharkbait" and the rest of them said "HOO HAHA!" So, we say that all the time now! And our "sorority" we made is a fish, a roman numberal 5, and an H and A put together. (To stand for Sharkbait, Hoo Ha Ha and 5 for the 5 of us!) From left to right It's me (Crush), Lori aka my twin (Squirt), Kelsey (my little) (shepherd), Katie (Nemo), and Amy (Dory).

Thanks for reading my silly blog about my silly/amazing squad :D

Leanna Mason  

Webmaster note!
So many people enjoyed crazy hair day! It was something we had never emphasized before for a spirit day & some people went all out! This is a picture of me (Heather) & Kim (my little). We put bottles in our hair :) 
Webmaster note: For whatever reason, weebly would not allow me to publish this blog post for the last two days, so please accept my apology and enjoy!! :3
This is a picture of me and President Starr!!!
Hey, this is Kathryn! I'm a senior this year, and a music performance major, and this year has just been crazy so far, but in all the best ways! Sadly, I'm not able to be in marching band this year, but I'm in Symphonic Band and we're playing some really great music. I'm also looking forward to the Courtside Players and cheering on the volleyball and basketball teams! Over this summer I watched a lot of baseball, wrote a lot about sports, and went to Italy! Now, I know Italy doesn't exactly fit in with the first two things in that list, but it was incredible. I was able to participate in a music festival in Arcidosso this summer, and going to Italy as my first out-of-the-country experience was something I would have never predicted. The temperatures were especially nice, coming from the 100+ F heat here in Texas, and one of my favorite things from the trip was getting to perform in a church built in the 1400s. 
I'm so excited about being in Tau Beta this year and helping the band in any way I can! The Golden Wave's got a great season ahead of them, and even though I'm sad that I can't be out there marching this year, it'll be great to cheer them on from the sidelines. 
Hi, I’m Kim and I’m Secretary for Iota :3

A (large) part of my job is correspondence with other chapters and I just wanted to give a shout-out to our lovely “Delta Doll” sisters at OU who were kind enough to answer some of my questions about their chapter:

How many members do you have at your chapter?

We have 44 wonderful Sistaus!

When is your chapter’s birthday?

We were founded on April 28, 1946.

What are some events and activities your chapter has participated in?

Some of the things we do include monthly dress-up chapters where we have our social head pick a theme (like rock star chapter, or halloween chapter), we do a lot of joint social events with KKY (this summer we did a camping trip and it was so much fun!), we also are planning on a Sisterhood retreat this year (for the first time) and we are so pumped. The Delta Dolls also do an annual Pride Work Day in which we help our band director with any and all tasks that will make our band camp go smoothly (we make music folders, help with instruments, help line and "tick" the practice field, etc), we help band freshmen move into the dorms, we help with band camp, we help distribute uniforms and the great Nike apparel we all get, we help with game day tasks (passing out plumes, passing out food, cleaning up, etc.), we help usher our School of Music's performances, we hold receptions for some of our music ensembles after concerts, we host an Alumni reception during our homecoming week, we help collect and deliver canned food to our local Christmas Store, we have participated in Habitat for Humanity as well as "The Big Event" which is a campus wide service event where we help out around the Norman community. This isn't everything we do, but I think you all get the idea ;)

What is something you would like to share about your chapter?

Our chapter could have been the second national chapter, but our founders decided to wait until the fourth so that we could be the first "twin" chapters with our brothers of Kappa Kappa Psi. We take a lot of pride in being the twin chapters of Delta. :) Also, one of our own Delta sisters, Dorothy Allen Nichols, became the fourth National President of Tau Beta Sigma. We have also hosted SWD Convention twice!

We also received a lovely letter from Beta Gamma this week telling us about the great service they have done for the University of Texas Longhorn band as well as the service they have done for their community (like volunteering at the Ann Richards School for Girls!).

We love hearing from other chapters and learning about our sisters all across the country, despite any school rivalries that may exist, ;) – thanks again, Delta and Beta Gamma! :3

The past two weeks have been even more of a rollercoaster in my life than usual. Why, you ask? I got a DOGGIE!!! Yay :> Two weeks ago after meeting I drove from Waco to Bastrop to pick up my very own miniature Australian shepherd. When I got him his name was Tank, but that just didn't fit him at all, so I have since renamed him Porter Stanton Baker, and he has taken to the name quite happily.

Although Porter spent the first 24 hours tucked away cowering in his kennel, a visit from the dog whisperer Chelsea Allen helped to bring him out of his shell. By the next morning he had determined that I was his “person” and has become my new best friend. Throughout the past two weeks he has moved to the “big city”, gotten a new mommy, had surgery, learned how to pull all of the toys out of his backpack, and attempted to eat my Classical Mythology homework (No really, professor!).

Beyond getting a puppy dog, I am also learning to play jazz improv solos in my jazz combo. It is so much fun pushing my abilities in theory and on my clarinet. It is not, however, as fun for Porter, who doesn't love the high register on my clarinet! Either way, I am having a wonderful time with both my doggie and my music! 
Hi! My name is Lynn, and I am the president this year of the Iota chapter! 

This is me at the Lady Bear’s Final Four Championships in Denver, CO playing with the Courtside Players! (On the right is my wonderful boyfriend, Cole!)

So being the President this year has been a lot of fun so far! Though I’m not so fond of the paperwork, I get to see all of the big picture stuff that goes on: planning for Musical Bear Scouts by Nicky (a service project where we help Girl Scouts earn some of their music badges), Crush by Kim (still working on approval by Student Activities, but her idea is just awesome! I am sure more will come about that later), rush events by our VP Heather, etc.

My biggest goal as President is the betterment of the sisterhood. What sorts of things can we do better? What else can we do to serve the bands? We really want to focus on being the absolute best that we can be with more service opportunities, loving on our sisters in our chapter and around the country, and being a great presence in our band program. I am so excited to serve as President this year. I cannot wait to see what amazing things our chapter can do this year and in years to come.

And now, enough talking, let me share a fun picture with one of my sisters!

This picture is from the Albuquerque Zoo when we were on the 2nd & 3rd Round tournament trip with the Men’s Basketball team with the Baylor Courtside Players! This is Heather (VP and Webmaster) and I (I’m on the left), pretending to be flamingoes! Enough said!



The Adventures of Tau the Turtle
by: Sara Bitting

One day Tau the Turtle really wanted to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but she didn’t know how to make one! She wanted to cry. Then she thought of Mr. Owl! For certainly Mr. Owl, the wisest bird around, would know how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  So Tau the Turtle set off for Mr. Owl’s tree in the forest

When Tau the Turtle reached Mr. Owl’s tree, Mr. Owl was sound asleep. So Tau the Turtle called up to him, “Mr. Owl! Mr. Owl!” Mr. Owl suddenly woke up and nearly fell from his tree! Mr. Owl was at first very angry for being woken up. When he looked down to see Tau the Turtle, though, Mr. Owl hooted, for he had missed the kind and friendly turtle. Mr. Owl asked how he could help the turtle.

Tau yelled up, “Mr. Owl I so badly would like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but I don’t know how to make one!”

Mr. Owl thought to himself for a second and called back to Tau, “I used to know this a long time ago. All I can remember now is you need two pieces of bread. Why don’t you ask Mrs. Rabbit? Surely she will know.”

Tau shouted back thank you, so excited that she was beginning to learn how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Once again, Tau the Turtle took off on her quest, this time to find Mrs. Rabbit in the field. When Tau finally saw Mrs. Rabbit far off in the distance, she hollered out to her, for she could go much faster than she could.

Mrs. Rabbit turned around and speedily hopped right toward Tau. She was thrilled to see her longtime friend! Mrs. Rabbit asked Tau what she was doing in the field.

Tau told Mrs. Rabbit, “Mrs. Rabbit Mrs. Rabbit, I really want a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but I don’t know how to make one! I’ve been to Mr. Owl and he told me I needed two pieces of bread, but that is all he knew. Do you know how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich Mrs. Rabbit?”

Mrs. Rabbit said, “Oh that’s a hard question Tau. I know you have to put peanut butter on one piece of bread, but I don’t know how to finish it.”

Tau, devastated, cried, “Oh no, Mrs. Rabbit! What am I going to do? I’m never going to be able to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.”

Mrs. Rabbit told to Tau, “It is going to be ok because Mr. Frog positively will know how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.”

Tau the Turtle hoped so dearly Mr. Frog would know how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich because poor Tau could not stop thinking about how wonderfully delicious this peanut butter and jelly sandwich could be. So Tau set off on her journey to find Mr. Frog in the pond.

When Tau the Turtle arrived at the pond she saw Mr. Frog swimming in the water and called out, “Mr. Frog! I have a very important question for you!”

Mr. Frog hurried over to Tau the Turtle for he had not seen the delightful turtle in days! Mr. Frog asked Tau what was wrong.

Tau exclaimed, “Mr. Frog I really really want a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I asked Mr. Owl all the way in the forest but he only knew I needed two pieces of bread. Then I went all the way to the field to ask Mrs. Rabbit and she only knew how to put peanut butter on a piece of bread. Mr. Frog I seriously need your help. How do I make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?”

Mr. Frog smiled a very frog-ly smile and said, “Tau, you are in luck! For I know your last step. The last thing you need to do is put jelly on the other piece of bread!”

Tau jumped up and down as high as she could go, which for turtles this was a very high jump. She yay-ed and hurray-ed until her throat was soar. Tau told to Mr. Frog, “Mr. Frog I can’t believe I know how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich now! Thank you so much!”

Mr. Frog shouted, “Well what are you still doing here? Go make your peanut butter and jelly sandwich!”

Tau knew Mr. Frog was right and raced home slow and steady (for that is the turtle way). When Tau got home to the stream she got all of her ingredients together to make her peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Tau thought back on her adventure of the day and wished her friends could see her now. They helped her through so much she wish she could repay them.

Right when Tau finished making her peanut butter and jelly sandwich she heard cheering. Tau turned around and saw all of her friends! Mr. Owl, Mrs. Rabbit, and even Mr. Frog came to see her. That’s when it hit Tau – she could share his wonderfully delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwich with all of her friends! That’s how she could thank all of them.  So Tau went around to all of her friends and broke off a piece of her sandwich for each and every one. 

Hi everybody!  Allyson here, your TBΣ Iota chaplain!  I am so thankful to God that we have started a new year filled with opportunities to love God, embrace beauty, and live life to the fullest.  Although my main function in meeting is to open us in prayer and collect and distribute praises and prayer requests, I am also blessed with the responsibility of promoting spiritual health and growth within the sisterhood.  This semester I have started a bible study that meets every other week.  Last week we met for the first time and discussed the power of words, and how to speak life.  Proverbs 12:18 says that “The words of the reckless pierce like swords, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.”  We explored ways to apply these words from the Lord to our lives and our relationships with our sisters.  I am hoping that God will continue to use these times to reveal to us how to be Christlike in our sisterhood and in our world. 


Hey y'all! My name is Heather McGowan and I am the flute section leader this year! 

Yesterday, we just finished with Pre-Season Week 2012, and as a Senior, I must say it was the best one yet! 

It all began on Monday when Tau Beta, K-Psi & Leadership assisted in helping the freshmen move into their dorms. At about 12:00, the members of GWB came to McCrary to receive their backpacks and meet their leaders! :3 The backpacks that every member received included their Nike Dry-Fit shirt, Nike Polo, Hat, Water Bottle, Nike Shoes, and name tags/lanyard! 

Needless to say, the apparel for this season is soooooo awesome! :3

We're trying something new this year! We were each issued a lanyard with our names laminated and placed inside each of the tag holders. On the back of your laminated name tag is a bar code that will be used to take attendance at each rehearsal! :3 Before rehearsal begins, you just go up to the designated staff member and have them scan your name! So convenient and awesome! 

Another awesome thing about this is that when we receive coordinate sheets, they are cut so that we can place them inside of our tag holder! No more lost coordinates! :3 To go a step further, once a show is complete and we have our final coordinate for that show, they will be laminated and hole punched so we can keep them on our lanyard.... I'm super excited about this because I end up being "one of those people" who forgets their coordinate sheet! :3

Tuesday-Thursday, our schedule was as follows: 

7:45 Leadership Meeting
8:00 Marching Rehearsal at Edge Field!
10:15 Music Rehearsal in Jones
11:45 Lunch with Sections
1:45 Music Rehearsal in Jones
3:30 Instructional Time
4:30 Dinner with Min-Cons
6:30 Marching Rehearsal at Edge Field
8:30 Commence Night Activities! (Tuesday: Section Unity; Wednesday: Min-Con Night; Thursday: Band Unity)

I think the format of the schedule made band week much more bearable than in the past. We weren't outside very long, and for the 2 hour blocks outside we were super productive! We have already learned all of pregame!! :3

The flute section has a whopping 30 members this year! And get this: there are 16 veterans and 14 newbies!!! We have a great section and I cannot wait to see what my last season in the Golden Wave Band will bring! :3 

<3 ITB <3