I got my first embroidery machine in the early 1990s, and have been digitizing for well over a decade. I am happy to share my work with other embroidery enthusiasts. Please feel free to browse my library of embroidery designs and take advantage of the many freebies you'll find throughout the site. Questions or queries? Drop me a note.

 Picture credit: B.R. Stephens, Autumn 2011.

This embroidery design is the Crest of the Scottish Clan MacLennan. Go to my Clan Crests and Heraldry page to find out how you can obtain a digitized version of your own family crest or coat of arms.

When I first started in embroidery, the range of designs available to home embroiderers was limited. Each company had its own design collections, which came on special computerized cards designed to fit only into that brand of machine. I had a Brother machine, and at the time Brother's card collection numbered only about 20. The cards were pricey (between $99 and $149 at my local sewing store, sometimes with as few as 8 designs on each). Machine embroidery was an expensive hobby, with relatively few stitching options. 

Things changed rapidly when card reader-writer modules such as the Ultimate Box became widely available. They made it possible to move designs easily from computer to embroidery machine, and that meant that companies like Embroidery Library (still one of my favourites) greatly expanded the range of available designs. The advent of home-digitizing programs increased stitching options even further, because they allowed embroiderers to add their own designs to the mix.

Today's generation of embroidery machines can read directly from flash drives, SD cards, and floppy disks, making it easier than ever to take designs from your computer to the embroidery machine.

Although there are loads of sites out there with thousands of terrific designs, I was having difficulty finding certain kinds of subjects, such as specifically Canadian-themed designs. I was also really interested in stitching coats of arms and clan crests for family and friends, and again found myself unable to locate any designs.

When I started my site, I wanted to share my own work and at the same time cater to other embroiderers like myself who were looking for designs that aren't available anywhere else -- not only Canadian ones, but also other cultural themes such as Mi'kmaq, Judaica, and Celtic,to name only a few.

If you're a geocacher, you know how difficult it is to find caching-related designs. Since many of my friends and family members are avid geocachers, I'm often asked if I can do some embroidery for them.

I'm proud to say that my site now features the largest selection of geocaching designs on the web. 

In part because I come from an area where clan and family crests are popular, I've always been interested in embroidering these images.

My site now features more than twenty different styles of family and clan crest designs -- the most extensive collection available anywhere on the web!

If you prefer, you can opt to have your own logo or crest custom-digitized at a reasonable cost. 

So go ahead and browse the site! You'll find a growing library of unique embroidery designs for sale, plus a generous collection of free designs.

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