"Being recognised by the DEA as online Entrepreneurs is fantastic for our business"

Ben and Angus, AnyVan, Winner Green Entrepreneurs Awards

Finalists for the Digital Entrepreneur of the Year Awards 2012

We had a great deal of entries for the Digital Entrepreneur Awards 2012. Thank-you to everyone who entered, there's some inspiring work out there.

Please find below a list of the finalists for each award. It was a tough job whittling it down to these finalists and our esteemed panel of judges have the even harder job of picking the winners.

Winners will be announced on the 16th October at an awards ceremony taking place at the Hilton Hotel in Manchester. Please refer to the Book a Table section on this website for more details on how to book your place.


Digital Entrepreneur of the year
  1. Clive Bridgeman, Gas-n-Go Limited, West Sussex
  2. William Muir, Limelight Software Limited, North Lincolnshire
  3. John Straw, Linkdex, Bath
  4. Polly Gowers OBE, Everyclick, Worcestershire
  5. Mark Pearson, Markco Media Ltd, Gloucester
Young Entrepreneur of the year
  1. Shaun Loughlin, FreestyleXtreme Trading Ltd, Bristol
  2. Timothy John Barnard, Fresh Design Base Ltd, Cheshire
  3. Marcus Simpson, Direct Sitters, London
  4. Sara Jones, Hiring-Hub.com, Manchester
  5. Rob Smith, Blueleaf, Cheshire
Digital Business of the year
  1. Davina Steel, MonsterSlippers.co.uk, Essex
  2. Ben Norman, Koozai, Southampton
  3. Gareth Williams , Skyscanner, Edinburgh
  4. Adrian Lomas, Blueleaf, Cheshire


Education Entrepreneur of the year
  1. Julie Ryder, HearFirst Training and Consultancy, Bacup
  2. Beth Nicholls, Do What You Love, Leeds
  3. Caroline Moore, LearnAhead Ltd, London
  4. Simon Walsh, Maths Doctor, Sussex
  5. Jenny Cooke, Oddizzi, London
Green Business of the year
  1. Jon Wallhouse, Sutsu, London
  2. Timothy Barnard, Fresh Design Base Ltd., Cheshire
  3. Mark Sanders-Barwick, Big Green Factory, Surrey
  4. Heather Stewart, Swishing Limited, Northampton
  5. Anthony Davison, BigBarn CIC, Huntingdon
Digital Charity of Community Project of the year
  1. Amanda Cleaver, Epilepsy Society, Buckinghamshire
  2. Alex Sergent, Catch21 Productions, Ilford
  3. Iain Rhodes, Element 78 Solutions, Bristol
  4. John Lowndes, Ask My Community Ltd, Rotherham
  5. Isobel Witton-Dauris, DG3, London


Software Entrepreneur of the year
  1. Timothy Barnard, Fresh Design Base Ltd., Cheshire
  2. Mike Oxford, You Play We Play, Birmingham
  3. Simon Swan, Hiring-Hub.com, Manchester
  4. Brett Dixon, Whizbase, Lincolnshire
  5. Shuli Golovinski, Newtonstrand Innovations Ltd, London
  6. David Grimes & Paul Haydock, myParcelDelivery.com, Manchester
Design and Marketing Entrepreneur of the year
  1. Suzie Tobias, Strike Jobs, London
  2. Morag Findlay, Ecru Design Ltd, Bath
  3. Kristjan Byfield, Base property specialists Ltd, London
  4. Kat Holt, The Huntercombe Group, Suffolk
  5. Laura Jeffery, Hallmark Consumer Services, Leicestershire
Web Development Entrepreneur of the year
  1. David Marsh & Simon Dann, mbcre8.com, Kent
  2. Nick Evans, ExtraMile Communications Ltd., Stafford
  3. Li Ju, POGO Digital Limited, Wales
  4. Graham Allwright, Goplex Communications Ltd, Kent
  5. Rob Salaman, WebSpinning, Cambridge
  6. David Grimes, myParcelDelivery.com, Manchester


E-commerce Entrepreneur of the year
  1. Justine Angelli, Shareagift Ltd, London
  2. Shaun Hinds, Conferma Ltd, Cheshire
  3. Sean J Connolly, BuzzProperties.co.uk, North Yorkshire
  4. Paul Palmer, Distribution Planning Software Ltd, West Midlands
  5. Vitaly Yakovlev, A Suit That Fits, London
Security Innovation of the year
  1. Basil Philipsz MIISP, Distributed Management Systems Ltd, Lancashire
  2. Peter Wake, Backup-for-SaaS Ltd, London
  3. Shaun Hinds, Conferma Ltd, Cheshire
  4. Ken Garner, Styskin's Solutions Limited, Lancashire
  5. Chris Nation, Mako Networks, Manchester
Mobile Web Entrepreneur of the year
  1. Graeme Gourlay,Syon Publishing Ltd, Middlesex
  2. Gary Grant, Fastfind.info, Nottinghamshire
  3. Martin Brown, Crafted, on behalf of Allfancydress.com, Ipswich
  4. Mark Bushell, Netutec, Bridgend
  5. Dave Carruthers, One Result Ltd, West Midlands