New UI and Graphic Upgrades

New UI and Graphic Upgrades

From: Department of Advanced Technology Application
Re: Technology to Improve Quality of Life
~ For Distribution ~

Changes are heading to Paragon City! New communications systems and increased clarity of vision for all heroes will help in their fight for justice. As our technologies improve, heroes will soon be able to see the very expression on the face of their enemies with added bump and specular mapping and a variety of higher resolution textures, or see danger coming miles away with full depth of field effects! They can even take pride in the new sparkling gleam in the windows of their fair city.

With this new visual acuity, the protectors of Paragon will also have access to Global Chat upgrades such as an improved ability to switch between chat channels, default channels, and a channel search feature. Their new User Interface will allow heroes to fine tune control of their powers with buff icons that blink right before they go away, toggling of buff powers in the icon list, and the ability to access character and power information through the r-click menu.

Unfortunately, Longbow reports suggest that Arachnos has already learned how to imitate these communications technologies giving the villains of the Rogue Isles access to the same advantages. Only time will tell how much it will improve the villains' nefarious tactics against the valiant heroes of Paragon City!

See examples of these new marvels of modern hero technology below: