Deilephila elpenor (Linnaeus, 1758) sec CATE Sphingidae, 2009

Linnaeus 1758. Syst. Nat. (Edn 10). 1: 491


A beautiful pink, khaki and black species that cannot be confused with any other species except Deilephila rivularis.

Upperside of head, thorax and abdomen khaki, except for the inner edges and median line of the tegulae, posterior margin of thorax, base of abdomen, abdominal median line and terminal abdominal segments, all of which are pink.

Upperside of forewing khaki, except for costa, a narrow, median band extending from the inner margin to M3, a narrow postmedian band extending from the inner margin to the apex, and the marginal band, all of which are pink.

Basal half of hindwing upperside black, distal half pink; distal edge of black area almost straight and parallel to outer margin, so that pink area is of almost even width across the wing.



Male Genitalia

Similar to those of Deilephila porcellus but:Uncus more slender.Gnathos more rounded distally.Stridulatory scales of valve more numerous.Harpe longer.Apical dentate process of aedeagus longer.

Female Genitalia

Mell (1922) noted that moths from Yunnan, China, are transitional in hindwing pattern between Deilephila elpenor elpenor and Deilephila elpenor macromera, so that the latter may not warrant recognition as a subspecies.


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