A Hero's Destiny Manifest

A Hero's Destiny Manifest

Those who wish to become true champions of Paragon City are faced with difficult choices – it is never easy to walk the path of the hero. Every hero's journey is unique, fraught with trials and crossroads shrouded in uncertainty. Those who heed the call to adventure are rare enough; fearless in choosing to step beyond their everyday lives. Fewer still are those who do not take the easy roads of violence and fear, and instead make necessary sacrifices in order to become genuine defenders of all that is right and just. Along this way lie temptations that could lead even the most steadfast heroes astray and it is in walking this difficult path that a true hero is born.

Inextricably linked, each hero's fate is tied to that of the villains of the Rogue Isles. The future is woven together, a web created as heroes and villains alike choose their destiny, intersecting and overlapping paths that unfold over time. Soon, all heroes will move closer to their ultimate fate as the villainous Destined Ones grow in strength. This threat looms ever larger as they unleash chaos and mayhem, raging through the streets of Paragon.

With villains letting loose a destructive rampage, there is evidence of a nefarious plot by Lord Recluse to take over Paragon City itself! Rumors abound that Recluse has gained access to advanced portal technology and is trying to manipulate the very fabric of time to dominate Paragon. Soon the outcome of Recluse's attempt to take over this fair city will lie in the hands of those heroes willing to rise in defense of their home. Fortunately, an improved communication system and new base features will be implemented soon aiding heroes as they struggle to prevent Recluse's victory.

Under the watchful eye of Lord Recluse, a select few villains have survived an unending string of trials, earning them a place in the elite inner circle of Arachnos. Forging close bonds with Recluse's top agents, these once fledgling villains have gained access to new and more dangerous powers.

What fate might hold for those who strive to be a true hero or a true villain no one can know. Moving inexorably into the future, every individual choice has an effect, every deed sowing a seed leading toward an unseen harvest. Soon, destiny will manifest as conflicting actions lead to a unique future for the cities of heroes and villains.