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Social Attribution



Take the guess work out of social media ROI and reveal your content performance with Expion’s Social Attribution module.

The proprietary Expi.co link shortener tracks link clicks and identifies the most commonly clicked messages among converted customers. By attributing messages that assist in conversion, Expion allows you to identify Facebook posts, tweets, and other social content that assists in the conversion process on the web.

Expi.co’s primary goal is to uncover the content that ultimately leads to conversion, whether it was last week or last month. Learn the social history of your converters and demonstrate the power of your messages in each channel

Post Level Attribution Tracking

Any link associated with a post in a campaign can be referenced for conversion, post date and time, content and effectiveness.

Multi Page Link Visibility

Posts across multiple pages are tracked on a by-page basis and roll up to overall link tracking at the parent level.

Shortening Compatibility

Links embedded with meta-data for Google Analytics, Omniture, Coremetrics, or others can be shortened for overall website analytics and message level attribution measurement without impacting other departments in your company.

Open Conversion Timeframes

Regardless of posting date, clicks are tracked for those leads that become a conversion from any originating post published through Expion.

Cross Channel Attribution

Add a customized link to any web interaction or social media channel to measure the effectiveness even if you cannot post to that channel with Expion today.

Reveal the Best Messages

Plot post level conversion data to reveal the best messages and channels within a campaign. Use this information to adjust future campaign messages and maximize your ROI.

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