Why Choose Expion

Learn why Expion Social Software is right for your business.

Business Intelligence



Showing ROI on social programs is a leading frustration for brand marketers today.* Not for Expion clients.

Showing increased engagement, competitive edge and conversions are core needs to justify any marketing program. Expion gives you the analytics and insights to understand, learn, optimize and grow your engagement with your fans. 

Do you know how your social measures up next to your competition? Expion does.

With Expion, business insights go beyond your own brand performance. Expion is the only social media management system that provides detailed, comparative data on how your brand measures up next to its competitors, including who is leading engagement and which posts are engaging the most fans. You have access to a post-level comparative view on the best and worst of social in your space.

Monitor all conversations about your brand and competition, benchmark against your competition in real time to identify the most engaging content, consumer sentiment and specific product or service insight.


Challenges:  How do I analyze thousands of posts by my company as well as the competition and find out which ones are most engaging?


  • Establish benchmarks against your competition
  • Share engaging posts across all your social channels
  • Identify keywords that are most effective for higher engagement