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Behind a power plant

Regional reporter Trent Spiner has been covering Richard Rosen's proposal for an energy plant-greenhouse in Hopkinton. His latest story appears today. (5/19/10)


The Insider's new editor

Amy Augustine has taken the reins of the Concord Insider. She tells us about her new job and offers a preview of next week's readers' choice awards issue. (5/7/10)

Hodes on the road

Reporter Matthew Spolar followed U.S. Rep. Paul Hodes on his "jobs tour" this week and talked about other stories he's been following. (4/6/10)

Paying for health care reform

Reporter Ben Leubsdorf kicks off season two by telling us how we'll pay for the health care reform bill passed by Congress. And he updates us on the former Merrimack Valley High student charged with second degree murder. (3/30/10)

The tornado, a year later

News columnist Ray Duckler visited towns slammed by a tornado one year ago. He tells us about the destruction and hope he found. (7/28/09)

Tax deniers' saga ends

Reporter Margot Sanger-Katz reported from the weapons and conspiracy trial of tax protesters Ed and Elaine Brown. The two were found guilty, and Margot sums up their story. (7/10/09)

Budget accomplished

Monitor reporter Lauren Dorgan burned the midnight oil as legislators worked to pass a budget for the next two years. She tells us what's in and what's out. (6/26/09)

A distant hope

Reporter Chelsea Conaboy's account of an immigrant family's medical struggles appeared as a special insert in the Saturday Monitor. She tells us about the transcontinental tale. (5/29/09)

Following same-sex marriage

Reporter Lauren Dorgan brings us up to date on the New Hampshire House's rejection of Gov. John Lynch's changes to a same-sex marriage bill and what the future holds. (5/22/09)

Get in touch

Meg Heckman, the Monitor's new community outreach editor, tells us about her new job and lets you know how to get your event, news or opinion into our pages. (5/8/09)

Following FairPoint

Monitor reporter Chelsea Conaboy has been writing about the troubled takeover of Verizon's New England phone system by FairPoint Communications. She brings us up to date. (4/24/09)

Job fairs and a trip back home

Monitor news columnist Ray Duckler chronicled both anxiety and nostalgia this week. He tells us about his recent work. (4/10/09)

A wild week at the State House

The Monitor's Dan Barrick brings us up to date on a week full of contentious votes from the House of Representatives. (3/27/09)

Raymond Guay in New Hampshire

Convicted killer Raymond Guay has moved to Chichester, sparking a local outcry. Reporter Karen Langley brings us up to date. (3/19/09)

Town meeting roundup

Reporter and town meeting wrangler Meg Heckman brings us up to date on the dozens of meetings covered by the Monitor this year. (2/27/09)

Tax protesters face charges

Ed and Elaine Brown of Plainfield have returned to New Hampshire to face new charges. Monitor reporter Margot Sanger-Katz brings us up to date on the tax-protesting couple. (2/20/09)

Building a story

Monitor reporter Chelsea Conaboy tells us about her six months reporting the story of Kathy and Jacob Needleman. (1/29/09)

Winter fitness

Monitor features editor Sarah Earle tells us about staying motivated to exercise during these chilly months. (1/22/09)

The Monitor turns 200

Monitor editor Felice Belman tells us about plans to mark the newspaper's anniversary this year. (1/9/09)

The post-election landscape

Reporter Lauren Dorgan maps the state's political outlines after last week's election and tells us what's in store for the future. (11/13/08)

We Went to War

Former Monitor editor Mike Pride and reporter Meg Heckman talk about their new book, We Went to War, containing oral histories of World War II. (10/31/08)

The Concord School Board race

Education reporter Meg Heckman sketches the candidates and issues for November's elections to the board. (10/15/08)

Hopes for a pardon

Reporter Amy Augustine talks about convicted murderer Shane Pitts's petition for a pardon hearing – and the Executive Council's denial of his hopes. (10/8/08)

The Shaheen-Sununu race

We check in with Monitor political reporter Lauren Dorgan on the U.S. Senate rematch between John Sununu and Jeanne Shaheen. (9/10/08)

A neighborhood's cancer concerns

Monitor columnist Ray Duckler tells about his Sunday story detailing three cases of cancer in the same area in Concord. (8/13/08)

Used car sales in a troubled economy

Business reporter Kate Davidson learned what was in demand at the area's used car dealerships. (8/6/08)

Reporting the tornado

Monitor reporters Meg Heckman and Laren Dorgan tell how they responded to the violent storm that hit the Epsom area last week. (7/29/08)

A chat with Ray

Monitor reporter and columnist Ray Duckler talks about his latest columns -- on his mother and the economy -- and what he's working on now. (7/15/08)

The state school reunion

Reporter Meg Heckman talks about the reunion held last month for former residents of the Laconia State School, and plans for a project featuring former residents. (7/8/08)

An expensive Fourth?

New Monitor reporter Amy Augustine talks about price pressures on the fireworks you buy. She also tells us a little bit about herself. (6/28/08)

Watching the Celtics win

Monitor sports writer Tim O'Sullivan talks about the Celtics' championship team and being at the final, thrilling game of the year. (6/19/08)

Illness on trial

Monitor reporter Margot Sanger-Katz talks about her Sunday story focusing on Katherine Wieder, who says her illness makes her incompetent to stand trial. (5/29/08)

The missing prisoner

Monitor reporter Ethan Wilensky-Lanford talks about reporting two very different stories on the same prisoner reported missing last week. (5/22/08)

Advice for first-time home buyers

Business reporter Kate Davidson shares advice on that first home and talks about her new personal finance column for the "Your Life" section of the Sunday Monitor. (5/16/08)

The oil spill

We talk with Monitor reporter Meg Heckman about last week's local ecological emergency. (5/9/08)

The lecturer's threatened lawsuit

We speak with education reporter Melanie Asmar about the ex-Dartmouth College lecturer who told her former students that she might sue them for harassment. (5/1/08)

State House update

In this week's podcast, Monitor reporter Lauren Dorgan talks about action at the State House last week and what's on tap for this week. (4/25/08)

Lost and found: an art mystery.

Monitor editor Mike Pride tells us about a painted relief in the Currier Museum. His three-part series details its origins and authenticity. (4/18/08)

The Monitor's Pulitzer

Former Monitor photojournalist Preston Gannaway talks about winning the 2008 Pulitzer for feature photography. (4/12/08)

Trial of three supporters of Plainfield tax protesters Ed and Elaine Brown

Monitor reporter Margot Sanger-Katz talks about the trial of three supporters of Plainfield tax protesters Ed and Elaine Brown. (4/4/08)

The Iraq War, Five Years On

Columnist and reporter Ray Duckler on the Iraq War, five years later. (3/28/08)

Marijuana Decriminalization Bill

State House reporter Lauren Dorgan outlines the new marijuana decriminalization bill. (03/21/08)

Spring Break with the Red Sox

Monitor sports writer Dave D'Onofrio talks about spring break with the Red Sox. (2/28/08)

Tales from Town Meeting

Monitor reporter Meg Heckman has tales from town meeting season. (2/27/08)


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