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Terry Brown Listening to you; working for us

We need jobs – and we need them now. I’m trusted for my work across the aisle to create the lean, efficient government we need to rebuild our economy and put our residents back to work. We’ve got to restore confidence in government and that starts by bringing accountability back to Lansing. Lawmakers must put the needs of the community first.


Terry Brown

The Truth
Terry voted to hold lawmakers accountable.

Terry Brown voted to cut lawmakers’ pay – including his own – by 10 percent. [1]

The Truth
Terry voted to end lawmakers’ taxpayer-funded lifetime health care.

Terry Brown voted to eliminate the lifetime health care that lawmakers enjoy after only six years on the job – an outrageous perk that our tax dollars pay for. [2]

The Truth
Terry voted for transparency so we can see where our tax dollars go.

Terry voted to post state spending online [3] and require that the compensation of school employees who make more than $100,000 be clearly posted online. [4] He also voted to require elected officials to publicly disclose their income and assets. [5]

The Truth
Terry voted to cut wasteful spending.

Terry voted to cut wasteful spending by consolidating administrative services in the Legislature to save $4.8 million each year [6] and to allow intermediate school district superintendents to also oversee local districts to help schools cut costs. [7] Terry has supported cutting close to $2 billion in state funding to balance our books. During these difficult economic times, Terry knows that we need to spend every dollar wisely. He stands by his voting record, and believes that he made the best choices that reflect the priorities of our community.

The Truth
Terry voted to make sure we got our fair share of federal funds.

As a State Representative, Terry Brown cannot vote on federal legislation, but he did support House Resolution 21 (HR 21) which told Congress that if it passed a stimulus bill, its function MUST be to create jobs. While Terry believes that the federal stimulus package allowed for too many perks to the rich, he voted to use ARRA funds in Michigan rather than have them go to other states. Michigan received an estimated $18 billion in federal funds that supported local schools, provided $1.35 billion to help establish an advanced battery industry in Michigan, created or protected 54,000 Michigan jobs, funded vital infrastructure projects across the state, and helped Michigan families struggling with unemployment. These expenditures were all passed with bi-partisan support.

The Truth
Terry voted to give citizens a voice in local decisions.

Terry Brown believes that residents should be able to decide what happens in their communities. House Bill 4313 allows citizens to vote on whether to increase their investment in meeting the needs of local school districts. The decisions are left entirely up to local communities.

The Truth
Terry voted to protect our workers’ retirement funds.

Terry Brown believes our workers deserve a secure retirement. He voted for House Bills 4073 and 4075 to create a trust fund to set aside the contributions that state employees make to their retirement plans and streamline administrative costs. This legislation did not change or increase retirement benefits for state employees.

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