News from 20 Jun 2010
Griswald lurking in the vineyard..

News from 25 Feb 2010
I'm the proud owner of the coolest bling ever made in the history of the world!

News from 14 Feb 2010
The shipwrecked Sea Cucumber and the gold statue of Elaine

News from 14 Feb 2010
Hidden history in the back room of the hotel. A 3d render of one of the many rooms to explore at The Goodsoup Plantation Resort Hotel and Casino:)

News from 14 Feb 2010
"I... I can't. I'm washing my hair tonight." Elaine Marley doing some treasure hunting in the swamps, and our fluffy friends on a strange vacation

News from 14 Feb 2010
"Blood island will be the place... where u will die". Uploaded some pictures of the voodoolady. The 3d model is kinda old, but it was never showed on the previous site.

News from 13 Feb 2010
Well, once again the dust is blown away, and Blood Island is back from the grave. With the friendly guys over at Mixnmojo hosting and linking to it, it just wouldn't be polite to continue the site without any updates-n-stuff.

All of the old pictures are still here, including some later work not posted on the old site. There is also a new member on the ship, my good friend Cap'n Blackbard AKA the bearded seabass. Known for his mysterious and disturbing stories of suspense, Blackbard will randomly post his tales and chapters on the site. Sooo..With that said, ahoy and Welcome!