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Community Name: Inuvik
Traditional/Former Name: Inuvvik (place of man)
Land Claim Area: Inuvialuit and Gwich'in in the surrounding areas

Electoral Districts Member
Inuvik Boot Lake Alfred Moses
Inuvik Twin Lakes Robert C. McLeod

Member of Parliament:  Dennis Bevington
Nick G. Sibbeston
Community Leader:

His Worship Mayor Denny Rodgers 
Town of Inuvik
P.O. BOX 1160 
Inuvik, NT X0E 0T0
Phone:  867-777- 8600

Location:  Inuvik is situated on the East Channel of the Mackenzie River Delta at 68'21'N latitude and 133'43'W. The town is 1086 km northwest of Yellowknife.

Population:  3,586 (NWT Bureau of Statistics, 2010)

Languages:  Inuvialuktun, Gwich'in, English

Access:  The community is accessible by air year round. It is also accessible by road (the Dempster Highway from Dawson City) year round however during break-up (spring) and freeze-up (fall) the community is not accessible by road. Ice roads also link the communities of Aklavik and Tuktoyaktuk to Inuvik in the winter months.

History:  In 1954 following severe flood damage to the community of Aklavik, the Federal Government decided to move Aklavik to a new site. Inuvik was chosen because of the large, level area, the opportunities for modern airport facilities and the presence of gravel materials for construction. This marked the start of East Three (as Inuvik was known then) and planning began immediately. Later that summer several million board feet of lumber were barged up the Mackenzie River from Alberta and construction began the following year. By 1961 a government dock, temporary school, airport, water and sewage systems, RCMP station and nursing station were developed and constructed.

The discovery of oil in the Beaufort Sea saw a significant increase in the population however in 1986 the closure of the Canadian Forces Base was a blow to the local economy. In recent years the community has re-focussed and is now home to a campus of Aurora College. The economy is closely linked to Inuvik being the regional government centre, oil and gas exploration and the strong service community. It also hosts the Great Northern Arts Festival, a gathering of NWT artists, every summer.

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