Terry McAuliffe

Virginia Democrat Terry McAuliffe is a businessman, entrepreneur, and Democratic Party leader from Fairfax County. For over 30 years, Terry has been fighting to create jobs, improve health care and education, and build a better future.

The youngest of four boys, Terry knew he would need to pay his own way through college so, at age 14, he started a business—the first of many successful businesses he would create throughout his life. At the age of 30, he was elected chairman of a struggling community bank that was on the verge of liquidation, and he turned it around. Later he took over and saved a large home building company that was on the brink of bankruptcy. Terry has several new projects in development, focusing his efforts on the economic and environmental benefits of renewable energy sources. For example, he serves as Chairman of Green Tech Automotive, which manufactures electronic and hybrid vehicles.

Peter O'Keefe

Peter O’Keefe is a professional in the financial services industry, a direct marketing media services consultant and an investor in and developer of renewable energy projects.

Mr. O’Keefe is involved with the renewable fuels industry as an advisor to the private equity firm Paladin Capital Group. He serves on the Board of Directors for Leaf Clean Energy, a publicly traded company making investments in clean energy companies and technologies across a number of industries, including; wind, biomass, solar, biofuels and waste-to-energy.  He is also and investor in renewable energy projects through his own company, Greenvale Ventures.