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A new song, album and tour dates? It’s a good day to be a Local Natives fan.

GMG 41: Zola Jesus: Escape From LAAfter calling it home for the past two years, Nika Danilova is uprooting herself from Los Angeles. Sitting in her West Hollywood apartment, the blonde-haired musician otherwise known as Zola Jesus says the West Coast metropolis feels a bit stifling. “I feel like I’m living with the whole city sometimes,” she says with a laugh. “[The quarters] are a little too tight for me.”

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Today, #ChuckBerry turns 86 years old. He will celebrate by playing at a birthday tribute in Cleveland on October 27th. Here he is with #JohnLennon on the Mike Douglas Show in 1972. “If you tried to give rock and roll another name, you might call it ‘Chuck Berry’,” Lennon said. Photo: © Jeff Albertson/CORBIS (via Instagram)

Happy Birthday Mr. Berry!

Pizza party at FILTER! Thanks @ghengisconnie for the photo!

Jack White premiered his new video for “I’m Shakin’” yesterday. And in honor of that, he’s been running contests all over the Internet for two limited edition numbered posters inspired by the song.

And thanks to Mr. White and Third Man Records, we have one black and one blue poster to give away. All you have to do to enter is tweet @FILTERmagazineI want to win a Jack White poster from @FILTERmagazine and @thirdmanrecords #Imshakin.” 

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After a long stint of performing in punk basements and opening at VFW hardcore shows, Slingshot Dakota are finally set to release their new album, Dark Hearts, on November 6 via Topshelf Records. And from this release, we have the stream of their poppy new single, “Gossip,” as a FILTER Exclusive.

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Incredible champagne room closing from @MorningParade! #CultureCollide #BlockParty (Taken with Instagram at TAIX French Restaurant)

Closing the #BlockParty outdoor stages on a high note with @TheWombats! #CultureCollide (Taken with Instagram at Culture Collide)