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 As a fifth-generation Montanan, I am deeply committed
to preserving the Montana where I grew up. 

Montana deserves representatives that stand up for what makes it great - its people.  I know that the Last Best Place doesn't just stay that way because we want it to.

It takes hard work.

 Montanans are no strangers to hard work.  For centuries, our tribal nations have worked hard to preserve our home for future generations.  Our generation should honor the same legacy.

As the daughter of two public school teachers, I was taught to value hard work and seize opportunities.  My parent taught in Ronan, Montana for nearly 20 years.  Their experience as educators who took time with parents, spent late nights correcting papers and were always available to a classroom full of students, taught me that its not what you get paid for that defines your life - it's what you give.  I want to give to the people of Montana.

As a fifth-generation Montanan, I want to preserve the Montana where I grew up: A Montana with fresh, clean water to play in; a Montana with dedicated teachers who taught beyond the classroom; a Montana with an economy that allows our kids to stay in the place they call home.

I believe our values should reflect the way we vote.  It is becoming increasingly important that we set aside money to save for our future and make smart investments toward the values we share: a high-quality education, a preserved environment, and a robust economy. 

As your representative, I will bring a strong history of who Montana was and a new voice of who Montana is becoming.  As neighbors, we can preserve the Montana that we've come to know and love, while looking into the bright future our home offers.


Jenifer has the dedication necessary to be an effective leader in Helena. She knows how to work with both sides of the aisle on behalf  of students. She will be a strong advocate at  the Montana Legislature for common sense, good paying jobs, and keeping Montana a great  place to live, work, play, and raise a family.  That is why I am proud to endorse
Jen Gursky for HD 98.

Michele Reinhart
Representative of HD 97




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