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Newly Published:

     Joseph Luther- author "Camp Verde: Texas Frontier Defense"   Now available as an e-book
for sale at, Barnes & Noble and Apple iBookstore.       


Other Kerr County Books for Sale

   "City of Kerrville Death Records 1917 - 1933" by Gloria Dozier.......................Price is $15.00 postpaid

     "Index for the 1900 Census for Kerr County, Texas", by Gloria Dozier.........This is an "every name" index. 
Price is $10.00 postpaid.

"Obituary Index, 1966-1985, from the Kerrville Mtn. Sun", by Gloria Dozier.... Price is $25.00 postpaid.  

  "Obituary Index, 1986- 1997, from the Kerrville Mtn. Sun" by Gloria Dozier.....Price is $25.00 postpaid

  "Obituary Indexes 1986-1990 from The Kerrville Daily Times" by Gloria Dozier...Price is $15.00 postpaid

  "Reconstructed 1890 Census for Kerr County, Texas", by Gloria Dozier.......... Price is $25.00 postpaid.  

Here's how to order these books:

Send a check or money order, for the appropriate amount for each of  Mrs. Dozier's books requested, to
Attn:  Book Sales
Kerrville Genealogical Society
425 Water Street
Kerrville TX 78028


Gloria Dozier
P. O. Box 291085
Kerrville TX 78029

Please include your printed name and address.
Make your payment payable to the correct person named in the listing and be sure it is enclosed.   Do Not Send Cash.
If you wish the book or books to go to an address other than your personal address, please include that complete address as well.    Be sure to sign and date your book order.   Thank you.


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