elephantsinsrilanka.com is an initiative by Sri Lanka 's premier Eco Adventure operator Eco Team and it's Luxury Safari Camp Brand - Mahoora. Sri Lankan Elephant is considered as an endangered species, and their survival in the natural habitat is threatened due to expansion of various human activities.We focus on Elephant conservation through responsible tourism programmes. Our Elephant expeditions go very much beyond just observing Elephants in national parks and clients are encouraged to learn and explore a culture closely knitted with elephants over a period of more than 2500 years.

Foster Parent Scheme for Baby Elephants

Sri Lankan Elephant is considered as an endangered species, and their survival in the natural habitat is threatened due to expansion of various human activities.

Therefore Human-Elephant Conflict is increasing and as a result, elephants in the forests are constantly being killed and many baby elephants become orphaned or abandoned.

Department of Wildlife Conservation (DWC) has established the Elephant Transit Home (ETH) within Udawalawa National Park in 1995, in order to provide shelter to the orphaned and abandoned baby elephants. At present 31 destitute baby elephants are being looked after by the DWC. They will be released to the jungle, when they are strong to survive in their natural habitat. Up to date 65 baby elephants have been released to the jungle.

In order to improve the facilities at ETH, DWC has decided to seek public as well as private sector assistance, launching the Foster -Parent Scheme for baby elephants is one such effort.

The costs of carrying for the baby elephants are high. Hence, a monthly fee of Rs. 25000/= (US$236)is expected from an individual or a group willing to support the scheme. This donation is mainly for milk and medicine of each baby elephant.

The foster parent will be entitled to have certain privileges in addition to the satisfaction of the contributing to a worthwhile deed of preserving the wild elephants population in Sri Lanka .

The privileges offered to foster parents:

  • The foster Parent is allowed to give a name he wishes to the baby elephant.
  • He will be allowed to take photographs of the young elephant.
  • The name of the foster parent and the baby elephant will be displayed at the ETH and at the head office of the Department.
  • A circuit bungalow free of charge is offered to the foster parents in Udawalawa National Park for two days per year. This offer is for those who have been paying some of Rs. 25000/= (US$236) monthly installments.
  • The priority is given, thrice a year, when reserving a circuit bungalow in Udawalawa National Park at relevant rates.
  • Giving publicity to the Foster Parent and the Baby Elephants.
  • At the time the baby Elephant is set free arrangements will be made for the Foster Parent to perform the act of setting free by himself.

Donations, received for Foster- Parent Scheme & related activities of the Elephant Transit Home will be credited to the Wildlife Preservation Fund of the Dept. of Wildlife Conservation.

Cheques may be drawn in favor of "Director General, Department of Wildlife Conservation".

Eco Team would facilitate the process of becoming a foster parent with no charge under CSR [ corporate social responsible ] action plan. For more information please write to reachme@srilankaecotourism.com

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