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"The Mikado" Commences

In merry defiance of the Japanese menace, the Gilbert and Sullivan Opera Company will , commence a six-nights'

season of "The Mikado" at the Theatre Royal this evening.

First intention of J.-C. Williamson's was to exclude this great favourite from the present repertoire because of various protests against any produc- tion of the opera, at this time. More vehement protests had it reinstated. This evening's performance should therefore prove exceptionally enter- taining'.

Instead of returning to Melbourne after the final performance of "The Yeomen of the Guard" on February 6, the Gilbert and Sullivan Company will appear for a fortnight at the Theatre Royal in "Lilac Time." This will open on February 7, and will be followed by the new revue, "Thumbs Up." which is now being played in



By arrangement with David N. Martin, of the Minerva Theatre, J. C. Williamson's will present the Kirsova Ballet Company at Her Majesty's Theatre, Melbourne, on January 31. The season, which will be a further step in the establishment of a per- manent Australian Ballet, will com- mence the interstate tour of the com- pany with "Les Sylphides" and "Faust." Judging by the interest already being shown in their forth- coming Melbourne appearance, Helene Kirsova's dancers should prove as popular in the southern capital as they were during their recently con- cluded six weeks' season here.

Australian Play

"Shout at the Thunder," a new comedy-drama by Gwen Meredith, will have its premiere at the Independent Theatre this evening. Doris Fitton, who goes into hospital again next week for an operation, has produced the play. One of our best-known women playwrights, Gwen Meredith, first drew attention with her witty sophisticated comedy of manners, "Wives Have Their Uses." This was originally produced by the Chelsea

Group at the St. James Hall, and has since been played in every capital city in the Commonwealth except Adelaide. Her other comedies include "Murders Are Messy" and "Ask No Questions."

Gwen Meredith, whose "Shout at the Thunder" opens at the Independent Theatre this even-


The latter had a successful Indepen- dent Theatre production some two

years ago.

"Escape Me Never"

Margaret Kennedy's well-known   play, "Escape Me Never " which con- cluded a lengthy season at Bryant's Playhouse last Saturday is to be pre- sented again this evening by special request Carlotta Kalmar, whose piquant Continental personality makes her ideally suited to the Elisabeth Bergner role of Gemma Jones, fur- nishes an inteipsting study of a lov- able and impishly mischievous char- acter of considerable emotional varia- tion. Her restraint in her pathetic closing scenes is particularly effective Philip Robin and Vaughan Tracy, finely contrasted for their roles, also furnish sound and interesting studies as the brothers Sanger. An excellent thumbnail sketch is Dorothy Atkin- son's drunken woman in the street


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