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Suicide Obomber and Miss California v Usain Bolt - FAILLUMINATI stripping medals
One thing is sure: IF despite their FAILLUMINATI status (1) they will detonate the suicide Obomber THEN he will be stripped of his 44th president medal, and in the official medal table Terminator Clinton will appear as the successor of G W Bush.

"Miss California" and "US President Obama"
There is no difference between the actress Prejean in the role of "Miss California stripped of her crown" (2) and the actor Steve "X" (3) in the role of "President Obama stripped of his presidency", i.e. before "Miss California" was "elected", Prejean already knew she was going to be stripped of her crown.

"Miss California" vs Usain Bolt
The only similarity between "Miss California stripped of her crown" and "Usain Bolt stripped of his world records and his medals" (4) is that both acts are part of the mind control techniques used to prepare the "President Obama stripped of his presidency" act.

That preparation was the reason to stage the "Miss California stripped of her crown" act, i.e. advancing the homosexual agenda and the terror agenda is just added to the act, following the usual illuminati approach of advancing several agendas with the same act.

This is the other way round in the case of Usain Bolt. The main reason is to complete the destruction of natural sports while selling the "BIG PHARMA" hoaxes, with the elimination of the world's greatest athlete ever.
Yet stripping Bolt of his medals could not be staged at a better moment than shortly before detonating the suicide Obomber.
That is why the illuminati tried to physically eliminate (murder or knock-out) Bolt in the car "accident" in Jamaica, since in the script Bolt should have no possibility to make any statements following the "revelation" that the new "tests" of his Beijing samples were positive, which was planned for the day after the "accident". (5)

(1) May 7, 2009: Financial Armageddon: attackers retreat shortly before ** TOTAL DISARRAY **

(2) April 20, 2009 - Miss California Sparks Furor With Gay Marriage Comments on Miss USA Telecast

(3) October 2008: "Obama"'s first true statement in public is about his real name, Steve:

(4) Usain Bolt's car "accident", April 29, 2009

(5) Usain Bolt and Lance Armstrong are the absolute last champions that the brainwashed masses would still expect to hear what do they have to say, after being accused of doping.


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lol que?


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"Obama to propose $1.25B for black farmers" (1) Illuminati joke DECODED:
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