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Santa Biblia

LDS Edition of The Holy Bible in Spanish

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did the Church prepare the LDS edition of the Holy Bible in Spanish? The Church prepared the LDS edition to provide Spanish-speaking members worldwide with a uniform Bible that contains study helps to enhance their understanding of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

Who prepared the LDS edition of the Holy Bible in Spanish? The LDS edition was prepared and reviewed by a team of translators, General Authorities, Area Seventies, professional linguists, and Church members. This work was performed under the direction of the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.

What is the name of this new edition? As is common today, Church members will likely refer to this new edition simply as “the Bible.” However, the name will appear on the spine and title pages as “Santa Biblia: Reina-Valera 2009.”

How does the LDS edition compare to the previous editions used by the Church? The scriptural text of the LDS edition is based on the 1909 edition of the Reina-Valera Bible. The 1909 edition was chosen because of the availability of the copyright and the widespread regard for the quality of its translation. This text underwent a very conservative update of outdated grammar and vocabulary. Additionally the LDS edition contains various study helps.

What study helps does the LDS edition contain? Click here for a complete listing and sample pages of the various study helps included in the LDS edition.

What formats are available, and how much do they cost? Printed books, searchable electronic text, and audio recordings are provided. Click here for a listing of the various formats and prices. A Spanish quadruple combination of the scriptures is not provided at this time.

How can I order copies of the LDS edition of the Holy Bible in Spanish? Ordering options vary among different countries. Click here for ordering and Church distribution center contact information.

What is the Church’s expectation for members' use of the LDS edition? The LDS edition replaces previous editions of the Holy Bible in Spanish used by the Church. The First Presidency encourages members to obtain a copy of this new edition for personal study and for use in Church and missionary work.

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