About the Festival

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The Greater Manchester Film Festival is the brainchild of local film director, Simon Powell.  Simon started his life working in the fitness industry, but his passion was always creative writing.  After making a number of short films, he took a leap of faith and wrote, directed and produced his first feature film (assembling a stellar list of actors and actresses), which- on a shoestring budget- won a number of awards around the UK. 

What's remarkable is that Simon has never had any formal training as a film-maker but, like many, is driven by a passion to make cinema.  He now wants to make sure that people who share this passion have the opportunity to make movies and share them with the world.

For us, this is not just a one-off.  We aim to become the UK's premier independent film festival helping our city and our talent to be showcased on the world stage. 

Our vision is to unite the film, media and creative industries with the wider community.  We want to show that creativity is a platform not just to entertain, but to educate and inspire change.  We want to show that film is for everyone, whether you are making movies on your phone, or producing cinematic features.  We want this to be your festival.

What to expect at the festival:

  • Screenings of hand-picked independent films.
  • Events where internationally successful actors, actresses, producers and directors will share their insights.
  • Exclusive screenings of cult films featuring Q&A; sessions with the cast and producers.
  • Fantastic workshops on a range of topics- helping you become a better film maker.
  • Numerous opportunities to meet, network and socialise with people who make and enjoy films

The Greater Manchester Film Festival will be held from Oct 5-7th at locations around Manchester City Centre and at Media City UK.