Mother Grove Goddess Temple

Join us in The Thirteenth Circle!


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Mother Grove has moved!


We are just across the hall from our old location.


Come join us in Suite #1 Sunday mornings. There is drumming at 10, simple devotional or quiet meditation at 10:30, discussion and coffee at 11:30.


 All are welcome.

What if there was a community of people who believe as you do?  Who see the Divine as Female, 
as Mother, as Earth? 

What if there was a place, a sanctuary where you could celebrate
the Goddess in all Her many names and faces?
Welcome to the Mother Grove!
We are creating a Temple where we may welcome our babies, marry our lovers, and bury our dead.  This sanctuary holds the dreams and practices of a richly diverse community whose needs include a place of worship and programs for religious education of the congregation, as well as a base for outreach into the larger community.
Currently we have a small temple/office space in the Park Building, 70 Woodfin Place in Asheville, where we hold Sunday Devotionals, workshops, private counseling services, and house food for the Mother Grove Cornucopia Food Bank. 
Public rituals are usually held at All Soul's Parish Hall in Biltmore Village during the colder months, and at public parks during the warmer months.
Our dream is to build a cob structure temple with our own hands. For more information about this goal, please visit the Cob - Building the Temple tab.
The Mother Grove is a federally approved 501(c)(3) non-profit church. 
All contributions to
Mother Grove are tax deductible!
Mother Grove Temple is growing quickly and we welcome new members who honor the Goddess. For more information about membership, please click here

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If you'd like to join us in this dreamtime, in this adventure, in this work, please click on the Contact Us tab to let us know how to contact you. We welcome you to this growing circle of celebrants, envisioning a place of our own.