For The North, From The North
Tom Tiffany for Senate

Tom Tiffany for
Wisconsin State Senate

Elect a Senator FOR the North, FROM the North

Tom Tiffany made three commitments to the taxpayers of Northern Wisconsin in 2010:

  1. To balance Wisconsin's budget responsibly, on time with no burdens on job creators,
  2. To put a lid on taxes, and
  3. Reduce red tape in government, starting with the Department of Natural Resources.

Tom Tiffany kept all of those commitments, balancing Wisconsin's multi-billion dollar budget on time without tricks, gimmicks or burdens on job creators and without raising taxes! Tom's been successful, but he knows there is more work to be done. Tom will build on these accomplishments to ensure a stronger future for Wisconsin.

That is why Tom is proud to be running for the State Senate in Northern Wisconsin. Tom Tiffany is a proven leader, from the North and for the North, and will continue to fight for your interests in Madison.