Interview with the RSPCA

I want to do an RSPCA season in late March making 3 films:-
1. A question and answer session at head office.
2. A film about an RSPCA rescue
3. A film about an RSPCA hospital.

They are happy for me to do this, and want members to suggest questions I might pose to the leading RSPCA figures based at their HQ.

Can you make any suggestions? I want it to be as constructive as possible and feature some of the good stuff they do as well as deal with the more difficult issues. We all know no subject on PetStreet gets more debate and discussion - but we also know the RSPCA does a lot of good - and its the controversial stuff that makes the news. So lets be firm but fair.

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21 May 2009 22:34
Why haven´t they helped me in fifteen years? I have been left with dying animals.
They investigate themselves!!! ... I was fobbed off and wrote to the Queen as their pation, who passed my letter to the person that fobbed me off (again). Do they need a £3 million mansion to operate from - could they not sell it to raise money and get somewhere less stately?
08 Apr 2009 16:40
Have you done the interview at Head Office yet? Seems there are quite a few questions members wanted to address to the RSPCA which haven´t been touched on in the interviews with the vets.
28 Mar 2009 13:26
RSPCA questions
Why do you only pay lip service to the CPS prosecuters code, adhering to it only when it suits you
Why do you simutaneously run a media campaign in areas of prosecutions ?
How much do you spend per annum lobying politicians ?
Why do you use a pro forma type witness statement ?
How can you claim that the prosecutions department are independant when their salaries are paid for by the very donations generated by prosecutions driven media ?
How much do the RSPCA spend per annum "training" MAGISTRAITES ?
How much per annum are the RSPCA awarded from public funds for their prosecution costs ?
Are the RSPCA charged for the services provided to them by the Police ?
Why do RSPCA Inspectors continue to dress like the Police ?
Why do RSPCA Inspectors FREQUENTLY use the expression "you are not under arrest" ?

18 Mar 2009 22:03
Hi some questions I would love to have the definitive answer to. And these are directed to Sally Case Head of Prosecutions. What is the RSPCA policy or action taken, step by step, when a complaint is recieved at a regional RSPCA point. Why do they not like to issue improvement notices?
Why do they proceed to the prosecution stage straight away and finally why are people that have animals seized denied access to their independant vet on the day of the seizure contrary to what the RSPCA says happen.
These are important questions that if answered truthfully will help anybody that is being prosecuted by the RSPCA.

18 Mar 2009 21:48
17 Mar 2009 08:56
How many RSPCA Inspectors are available in the UK to visit suspect quarters, rescue injured creatures, etc.?

17 Mar 2009 07:35
Next week I do hope to visit the Animal Hospital in North London and a rescue centre in Potters Bar.

16 Mar 2009 12:23
Not a question as such, but might I suggest you visit one of the branches as well as HQ run facilities. The large animal hospitals in urban areas, for example, are very different from the facilities in more rural areas.
13 Mar 2009 11:10
We are speaking to them next week. Get your questions in soon!
02 Mar 2009 20:05
I am going to have to close this list soon so any last minute ideas??