Glad I went to Specsavers: Father-of-three diagnosed with eye tumour during routine examination

  • A routine optician's visit lead identified a potentially life-threatening tumour
  • Treatment included 18-minute bursts of radiotherapy directly on to the eye



A father-of-three was relieved he had followed the well known advice and gone to a Specsavers - after a routine eye test revealed a life-threatening tumour.

Lorry driver Gareth Wells, 48, went to see optician Raj Sandhu, 38, who spotted an obstruction behind his retina during the eye-examination last September.

Further tests revealed that Gareth had a rare choroidal melanoma tumour - which can be deadly if left untreated.

Lucky spot: A routine visit to the optician may have saved Gareth Wells' life

Lucky spot: A routine visit to the optician may have saved Gareth Wells' life

The cancer- which grows inside the eye - can also cause loss of vision and retina detachment.

Mr Wells, from Erdington, West Midlands, underwent procedures to kill the tumour at Sheffield Eye Hospital, included 18-minute bursts of radiotherapy directly on to the eye.

But the following day the tumour burst, causing a detached retina and doctors had to work quickly to save his sight by performing another procedure.

Grateful: Gareth Wells thanks Raj Sandhu after making a full recovery

Grateful: Gareth Wells thanks Raj Sandhu after making a full recovery

The second operation was a success and Mr Wells has made a full recovery and is now able to see with the aid of glasses.

He said: 'I’m so grateful to Raj for spotting the tumour in the first place.

'Without that eye examination the tumour could have spread and I may not have lived to tell the story.

'Raj noticed there was an obstruction and after some more tests I was referred to Birmingham Eye Hospital for an ultrasound.

'It’s an extremely rare form of cancer, which was very scary.

'He saved my life and it’s hard to put into words how thankful I am to Raj.

'I hadn’t really appreciated how important regular sight checks are, not just for helping your vision but in picking up other potential health problems.

'I’ve urged all my family and friends to make sure they visit their optician, and will certainly make sure I keep up my regular appointments with Raj.'

Optometrist Mr Sandhu, said: 'Gareth’s story just goes to show that eye examinations are extremely important, not just for testing how well you can see but also for detecting other underlying health issues.'


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Wow ! Man has test, is diagnosed and treated. Is this a first?

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Yup! Time to be more appreciative of your Optometrist. They do much more than check your vision. My son found a brain tumour when he was examining a 13 yr olds eyes after his GP could not find a cause for the boys symptoms and suggested he see an Optometrist. Lucky boy - my son phoned hospital, boy taken straight there and in no time at all the tumour was removed. A week later he called on my son at work to say thank you and show him his scar (he is a 13 yr old boy). Non cancerous thankfully.

Click to rate     Rating   62

more like specsavers profits are taking a hit and poor old shareholders want more money,people are cutting back on eyetests so they are scaremongering peole to have a test, reduce your costs specsavers and help people and they may come back.

Click to rate     Rating   38

Business must be bad for off-shore registered Specsavers - getting cheap publicity at the drop of a hat. I am very surprised DM fell for it.

Click to rate     Rating   3

That's genuinely good to hear and I'm really glad for the guy but it's more of an advert for a particular chain of opticians than a national news story. May I suggest the next Daily Mail 'scoop' of how I went to Kwik Fit and they told me my brakes were worn out ?

Click to rate     Rating   6

Good on you Raj for spotting that tumour.

Click to rate     Rating   53

This is my optician and he is a grand young man and damn good at his job.

Click to rate     Rating   43

Well done to the Optom for doing his job. Working in an opticians we see things like this occasionally, not just Specsavers.

Click to rate     Rating   46

A trip to the Tesco optician spotted that I had a pressure problem and it turns out I have occular hypertension in one eye and will need laser treatment eventually. I had no symptoms and would have had no idea I had a problem until it was too late. Get an eye test - lots of places offer free ones - take advantage of it - you have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

Click to rate     Rating   34

I also when to the same group of opticians and they found a small problem, so it shows you need to get checked out, Just one small problem I have been banned from using them now because i did not purchase my new glasses from them,

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