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Latest Videos

Born With A Hammer In My Hand
This song kicks off the self-titled album by Blue Highway on Ricky Skaggs' Ceili Music label. We recorded this song and most of the album at Quad Studios in Nashville.

The chord progression is:

1     5     1     1
1     1     4     4
1     1     1     1
1     5     1     1

Licks to look for: the timing of the notes on the C chord in the Kickoff and the triple hammer-ons on the C chord in the Break.

Banjo Tab: Born With A Hammer In My Hand

Bluegrass Express
Rhonda Vincent included this song on her 2001 release "The Storm Still Rages". I first heard the song (recorded 1963) on the album "Voices In Bluegrass" by the Osborne Brothers.

This video lesson covers all three banjo solos that I played on Bluegrass Express. The song is played in the Key of F with no capo.

Banjo Tab: Bluegrass Express

It Rains Everywhere I Go
This song appears on the Lynn Morris album "Mama's Hand". I played banjo on part of that album and Lynn played banjo on two of her original instrumental tunes Dancing In The Hog Trough (played 3-finger Scruggs style) and Old Rip (played clawhammer style).

When we first started rehearsing this song, which is in the Key of B, I put my capo on the 4th fret, but the high pitch of the banjo and the rolls I was playing just weren't a good fit. I remembered that Tony Furtado used a low, open B tuning on his banjo tune Tyson's Dream when he and I and Tony Trischka toured with the Rounder Banjo Extravaganza. That tuning was perfect for It Rains Everywhere I Go. Thank you, Tony Furtado!

Banjo Tab: It Rains Everywhere I Go

Tom Sighting in North Carolina

posted 10/10/2012

Adams County Banjo has confirmed the blurry image at left shows Tom playing the banjo at the Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festival of Music and Dance on October 6 performing with Footworks Percussive Dance Ensemble.

January Night hits #1 this week

posted 10/8/2012

January Night, co-written by Wayne Taylor and Tom, is #1 on the Bluegrass Today Weekly Airplay Chart for Oct. 5.

You'll also find Tom's new instrumental, Chips & Salsa, on Wayne Taylor's CD "It's About Time".

Check it out on iTunes

Earl Scruggs tribute at the 2012 IBMA Awards Show

posted 9/29/2012

Tom (upper left, background) at the Earl Scruggs tribute, Thursday evening in Nashville.

— photo by John Goad

Video clip at Bluegrass Today

Photo © Alane Anno

Gooseneck Rockers

The Gooseneck Rockers
 posted 9/23/2012

Marshall Wilborn - bass
Casey Henry - banjo
Tom Adams - guitar

a Bluegrass Trio of pickers and singers available, as it says right here, for "picnics, concerts and the odd bluegrass festival".

Now booking select dates for 2013.
Email Tom for more info.

Adams County Banjo CD available again

banjo cd

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Featured MP3

Ohio posted 10/19/2012

Tom Adams Banjo - Ohio
Tom Adams - banjo, guitars, bass.
Banjo tab arrangement based on the recording
Neil Young Greatest Hits (Warner Brothers)
Recorded for the May 2005 issue of Banjo Newsletter.

Lynn Morris Artist Notecards

New in the Store: Artist Notecards by Lynn Morris  posted 9/15/2012

notecard notecard
Happy Cat Three Cats
Notecards 4 1/4" x 5 1/2"
with envelopes

Blank inside for your message

Portion of proceeds goes to
The Stroke Comeback Center

Scruggs Liner Notes

image Foggy Mountain Special: A Bluegrass Tribute to Earl Scruggs (Rounder Records)   Posted 5/21/2012

Well folks the music on this disc is absolutely A-number 1, but I made a typo in the liner notes for which I beg forgiveness. I wrote the song title Roll On, Columbia when I most definitely meant to write Columbia, Gem of the Ocean – in reference to Earl’s really cool banjo lick within the tune Foggy Mountain Breakdown. I overlooked my mistake, and didn’t catch the error until today, when it is too late to correct - the CD will be coming out June 5th. My sincere apology goes out to Tim Austin, the album’s producer, the bluegrass banjo community, and to Earl Scruggs and his family. — Tom Adams


Up-The-Neck Banjo Tab PDFs from the YouTube BanjoThink Channel


Born With A Hammer In My Hand
Blue Highway

Bluegrass Express
Rhonda Vincent

It Rains Everywhere I Go
Lynn Morris


Whose Shoulder Will You Cry On
Rocky Top in C position
Unwanted Love
Johnson Mountain Boys


We Can't Be Darlings Anymore
Down In The Valley
Worried Man Blues
Bonus Tab of the Month:
It Rains Everywhere I Go


Little Cabin Home On The Hill
Box Elder Beetles
Up-The-Neck Scruggs Licks:
High G Lick
High C Lick
Descending Lick (Earl's Breakdown)
Foggy Mountain Special (break)


My Rose Of Old Kentucky
Before I Met You
Love Please Come Home
Old Home Place


Blue Ridge Cabin Home
Walt's Breakdown
continued from BNL


Jesse James (break - D position)
Jesse James (backup - D position)


Harry Potter music
Way Downtown
Your Cheatin' Heart
I Saw The Light


Down The Road
Little Darlin', Pal Of Mine

Chips & Salsa

You'll find Tom's new instrumental on Wayne Taylor's CD "It's About Time".

Chips & Salsa

Chips & Salsa features
Wayne Taylor - bass
Ron Stewart - fiddle
Jesse Brock - mandolin
Tom Adams - guitar

Video from Wayne Taylor - While Jesse was in the booth overdubbing his mandolin break, Ron grabbed a second mandolin in the control room and recorded a fake track which we played back in the headphones. These guys were a blast to work with in the studio!

High Five

Tom's column in Banjo Newsletter.

Coming in November
Skip To My Lou
Through the Circle of Fourths

High Five

Runners on 1st and 3rd
Home Sweet Home

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