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Free Mass Effect 2 DLC: Cerberus armor and a shotgun

Jordan Devore, PC Editor
6:00 PM on 02.08.2010
Free Mass Effect 2 DLC: Cerberus armor and a shotgun photo

Assuming you're still hooked into the Cerberus Network, you can look forward to some free downloadable content for Mass Effect 2 tomorrow. Both the Xbox 360 and PC versions are getting "Cerberus Assault Armor" and the "M-22a Eviscerator Shotgun."

As far as stats are concerned, the armor increases heavy weapon ammo capacity, shields, and health by ten percent. As is the case with all of Shepard's outfits, I'm going to pass so long as the helmet stays on at all times. I'd never want to miss seeing his wide range of facial expressions.

The shotgun is supposed to pierce armor and be effective even at longer ranges. What else can be said? It's a gun; you point it at people that you aren't particularly fond of. Personally, I'd rather do one-hit kills from far away with a sniper rifle than risk running up close with a shotgun for a similar effect.

Still, free content is free!

Legacy Comments (will be imported soon)

What? You don't like seeing Shepard performing Jesus like miracle by drinking shots with his helmet on?
Shotguns are where it's at. Although ever since I learned to use assualt rifles they become a personal favorite with incinerator ammo.

Vanguard 4 life.
Helmet stay on forever i take it =/
Wait I thought Vanguard can't use assault rifles.
After a certain mission you are given the option to choose an extra weapon spec.
One thing I hate about the armor in ME2 is during talk scenes the helmet covers Shepard face. In dragon age they took the helmet off during talking scenes and was pretty good...
Hooray I can't use shotguns.

I used my extra spec on assault rifles so I could use my collector rifle. But free is free. And I have a hard time resisting anything free.
FUCK YEAH. Those are some good bonuses. I'm going to strongly assume this'll make New Game+ Insanity less painful.

It's a shame they don't give us an option for the helmet. I rarely bother with Shotguns. I'm a Soldier and the Assault Rifles and the (Widow) Sniper Rifle do all I want. Hopefully the other characters can use it.
OF COURSE this is released the day BioShock 2 comes out. Sorry ME2, I love you, but I gotta take a break for a while.
Assault rifles with fire bullets are pretty awesome too, I agree.
Man, all I ask for is the ability to toggle the helmet on or off! I want the stat bonuses (and good luck beating Insanity without them) but wearing the helmet for any armor just ruins a lot of little things in the game (ie. drinking shots).

Ah well, free shotgun is always good. Especially considering how weak they are in this game.
I'm stuck on the mission where you have to deal with the collectors taking people, on insanity. Those husk that shot take me out easily.
Somewhere along the line, I dunno if you have to find it or if you get it no matter what, you have to option to get a badass shotgun or to learn to use assualt rifles.

I got it when I went into the Collectors ship. So somewhere in there it popped up.

Once you get to use assualt rifles you begin to feel rather Vanguard fanboyish. At least I did. Shit's hip like junk.

Agreed, I was Vanguard, and I LIKED them, but didn't LOVE them (it took forever to get a new submachine gun past the crappy starting one), but once I got the assault rifle I was super happy.
Plus, having Miranda give a team health bonus made my "ZZZUUURRRGGG RRRRUUUSSSHHH" attack far less deadly for me. And having it cooldown super fast pretty much made me the human pinball bouncing from guy to guy.
Seriously, I love this game. Maybe now I'll actually use the shotguns. Probably not (why can you hold a total of NO AMMO for them? Nobody knows).
Dammit. New poster epicly fails at posting a comment. Nothing like posting blank space. God I suck.



I'm playing Vanguard but went with Sniper Rifle. I figured Assault Rifle would be too close to SMG, which I never really use. Is it really that awesome?
Sweet! Shotguns kick ass! to anyone who says they suck try upgradeing them for a change 1-2 shots and most times thats it
Re-Playing it on insantiy mode now. I think I've put in 9 hours of my time for only 5 hours of in game progress. GOD DAMN I HATED THAT PRAETORAN!
I think it is. I can get some good range with the assualt rifle. I can't imagine sniper rifles being too much fun in ME2 with the lack of vertical space. Assualt rifles have always come in handy for me when I'm in a jam and my pistol or hand cannon (I think that's what it's called) don't cut it.

As Shadowii said assualt rifle > SMG.
@xzyliac Sniper Rifles are useful for taking down enemies in one shot. On my insanity run I've been using it to reduce the amount of enemies I have when mobbed, whilst using powers to kill the rest. Admittedly only 1 or 2 bullets fired per fight, and it was useless on one of the N7 missions.
Assault rifles make it really easy to get headshots. VERY useful on Hardcore.

I haven't found shotguns to be that useful yet, but I die in just a few hits, so I usually stay far away. Also, my shotgun is weak.
Charge + Space Shotgun blast = good shit.
My Infiltrator lives and dies by his sniper rifle, so no shotgun love for me.

Still, free stuff is awesome.
Yep the unique armor sets kinda suck since the helmets cant be toggled off. Amazing they didn't implement that feature considering how good the game is.
Widow Sniper Rifle + Warp Ammo = Winning the universe
Love Mass Effect 2. Really.

But they really need to start making better DLC. The extra character was rubbish and the other DLC packages were pretty bad as well. I have no idea why in hell they would make the helmet mandatory. I would actually USE the inferno armor if you could just remove the helmet. Why make players go to the trouble of crafting their character, just to hide the face under a helmet?

Shotgun might be good though.
I'm sure sniper rifles are a hoot, but I like my enemies to smell the stink of my breath right before I ace them.

No idea why, I just dig it. If I don't play a class that can do obscene amounts of damage in a short period, while also taking a hit like a champ, then I'll usually play some sort of healer.

Now, if only there was a Shot-Gun Cleric class . . .
That sounds useful on that level. I'd probably never play that high though.

And like SBC Slam said I just like being in the thick of battle. Even if I die a hundred times and make it out at the one hundre and first it's still more satisfying then picking off people and charging. Just not too into tactics and the like. But, again, I don't play on harder difficulties normally. As long as I get plot I'm happy.
Infiltrator with shotguns are amazing. You can use the stealth to get behind guys and get a 75% damage boost; when they get hit with all the shotgun pellets they're in serious trouble.
@ Murda:

I still prefer Snipers w/ Infiltrators. Holy shit @ a fully upgraded Widow headshot in Stealth,
But will this make the game more dramatically-interesting?

"But will this make the game more dramatically-interesting?"

It doesn't fucking have to. It's free. Look to PAID content for that other stuff.
I don't really see much point in complaining when you're being offered it for free. And while Zaeed wasn't really that interesting a character, his loyalty mission was quite fun, I think.
And as a Vanguard, any expansion of my current arsenal will be good indeed. Only question is whether or not it's more useful than the Scimitar, though. And the Cerberus Assault Armour might see use if BioWare wasn't so freakin' stingy about not allowing a toggeable helmet. It's incredibly jarring to see Shepard suddenly get recognized when my helmet shouldn't allow anyone to recognize me, or drink shots as well, for that matter. Ah well.
@ Korolev,

Are you being serious? You're whining about a little free DLC? Wow.
PC ME2 gamers, theres a shotgun rebalance mod available =)
My only peeve with ME2 is the helmet. I like the new armor system and all with its customizing, but I wish I could still toggle the helmet on and off like in ME1 without having to visit my station. In ME1, I would always put my teams helmets on before gunfights and remove them while running around the citadel or chatting with people. It probably made no difference statswise, but it made the battles look a bit more real for me. Now I can either wear my helmet all the time which makes casual conversations look weird, or never, which makes battles look weird (to me anyway).
What i dont get is, that everybody complains about the helmets and bioware still seems not to give a shit. "Hey nobody likes the helmets, lets give them an armor with another ugly, unremoveable, drinkthrough helmet."

Personally i dont need Shotguns with my Infiltrator. Clear the field with the sniper if possible, for everything else there is the assault and the smg. If something fat gets close flamethrower stealth action.
Free the word that makes me happy
Even though I already beat the game, this might just supplant my Blood Dragon Armor for any expansions that might come out since I chose to keep playing after I beat it instead of starting over again.
@ SBC Slam
Sarcasm. Seriously.
Tried both, armor looks stupid, and shotgun kinda sucks. It's a little bit longer range and does a little more damage, but it has crappy fire rate. The scimitar easily beats this.
Cool. As much as i love palying this game. I can't get into Cereberus for this DLC because i've got no interent well. Guess i'll go back to playing ME12 without the DLC
Damn, I chose the krogan shotgun for my vanguard and now I'm wishing I had picked up the assault rifle. I almost exclusively used the shotgun in ME1 but I really wasn't a huge fan of it in ME2. I'll probably end up playing through as a vanguard again and trying out the AR but for now I'm going to refresh things with my renegade infiltrator. I'm loving the invisibility thing so far!
I've gotta agree with Drakengard in all except the grade. I absolutely love this game, and can't wait for them to expand upon it. That being said, the DLC so far has been ass.
Best regards, Anna, CEO of iscsi for linux and itunes

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