Riven for PocketPC

Riven Box Riven, even larger and more beautiful than Myst, contains more live-action characters, and full-screen movies. It is considered the most mind-challenging chapter in the series.

Atrus has sent the player to Riven to rescue his wife Catherine, and trap his father Gehn. Along the way, the player's explorations include an underwater shuttle and a magnetic levitation high-speed tramcar that hovers over its rails.

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Riven for PocketPC (Pocket Gear)

Minimum Specifications

Supported Platforms:

  • Any Pocket PC 2003 or higher

Hardware Requirements:

  • 16 MB Free Program Space
  • Pocket PC 2003 or Higher
  • 348 MB of free flash card space until installation completes
  • 160 MB free Expansion Card space to run

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