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    Most Valuable Panda! Pablo Sandoval named World Series MVP

    When the San Francisco Giants won the World Series two years ago, Pablo Sandoval couldn't escape from Bruce Bochy's Pandahouse. Not leaving the bench in the first two games, he did see action in Game 3 — getting three at-bats, striking out once and hitting into a double play. He didn't see the field again the rest of the Series, at least in order to play. Sad Panda.

    (AP)This time against the Detroit Tigers, Sandoval got a little more involved in the championship round, hitting an even .500 with three home runs — all coming in Game 1 — in leading the Giants to their second World Series title in three years, and the 21st sweep in Series history. For his production, Sandoval was named World Series MVP on Sunday night. As part of the prize package, Sandoval could drive away from Detroit, if so he wished, using the 505 horsepower that comes under the hood of a new 427 Corvette Convertible.

    [Photos: MVP Pablo Sandoval]

    He also set a franchise record for most postseason hits, though he benefits from the extra playoff rounds in that case. Regardless, he was one humble Kung Fu Panda after getting his hardware:

    "Hard work. Everything you have, it all depends on hard work," Sandoval told Erin Andrews of Fox Sports. "It's an incredible moment."

    Sandoval. He comes to the Motor City, he beats the local Major League Baseball team — when both of its big sluggers, particularly Prince Fielder, can't buy a hit (for a dollar) — and drives away in one of its finest automobiles. Not the best of days for Motown. But for Pandaville? It's the best day ever.

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    • OO  •  3 days ago
      Champions of Baseball

      Love the Panda.
    • JoeV  •  2 days 20 hours ago
      San Francisco was the better team and Sandoval was their World Series leader. Congratulations to the champs...
    • carys  •  2 days 15 hours ago
    • carys  •  2 days 14 hours ago
      Brandon Crawford is like a goddamn vacuum. Best at that position i've seen in a long, long time!
    • carys  •  2 days 14 hours ago
      Memo go Tigers, Yankees, Dodgers and a few can't buy a championship!
    • carys  •  2 days 14 hours ago
      Dodgers, you still suck! Matt Kemp is a punkass chump. So much for your predictions!
    • William  •  3 days ago
      Happy for Pablo, he had a great series. 3 homers in one Series game puts him in an elite group. But, I think it should have gone to Scutaro - he was so great with his bat and his glove and his professionalism in every game. He embodies what the Giants are all about - relentless!
    • jeremy  •  3 days ago
      congrats to pablo...dont stop working, gonna need you again next year big guy!!
    • silvia  •  3 days ago
    • chris kringle  •  3 days ago
      Being a Cardinal fan....I'm glad for the Giants and the National League...good for them...Congrats
    • ben b  •  3 days ago
      Champs again!!! A true team with real players who have HEART! Dodgers tried to buy it like the Red Sox and Yanks but came up short!!

      Gotta love Giants - world champs baby!!! SF! SF!!
    • Axanthic  •  3 days ago
      Go Giants!!!
    • mark  •  3 days ago
      Bruce Bochy as a player (Padres) lost the 84 World Series to the this payback??
    • William  •  2 days 16 hours ago
      IMHO, Bochy was brillant in the post season. Every move he made proved to be correct & panned out for the team. The acquistion of Pence & Scutaro by GM Sabean was pivotal in the 2nd half of the season. Pence was inconsisent at the plate, but he was solid defensively and inspirational in the clubhouse.

      Scutaro was pure nails, time after time he delivered a key RBI or a sac fly to score a runner. He was stoically determined and somewhat a mentor to his countrymen Sandoval, both are Venezuelan.

      I am a Giants season tix holder, attended game 1 in SFO and it was pure joy to see Pablo hitting rockets all over the yard with a HUGE grin on his face. Pablo always has fun playing the game, wish more athletes had his upbeat tude' and didn't take themselves so seriously.

      See you next year at 3rd & King.
    • sergio  •  2 days 18 hours ago
      what can i say,when you say sandoval,you say it all!!!congratulatios,pablo!
    • Bill  •  2 days 5 hours ago
      While we love The Panda, he is not noted for his impulse control. Let's hope he doesn't kill himself with his Series MVP prize. Of course, he may not fit in it . . .
    • Who K  •  2 days 16 hours ago
      I don't usually comment but while Panda was deserving, I thought the award deserved much more discussion than the non-conversation had by Buck and McCarver. Panda was an easy choice for a history matching performance in Game 1 and a good performance in the series after that. Equally--and perhaps more--deserving:
      Sergio Romo for being a lights out closer preserving a 2-0, 2-0, and 4-3 lead and win.
      Brandon Crawford for beyond steller defense and a few clutch hits that scored runs.
      Gregor Blanco for (also) beyond steller defense and the clutch bunt and other hitting contributions.
      Marco Scuturo for continued mind-blowing post-season average and clutch hitting. No errors either.
      I kind of think Panda was an 'easy' choice because of the homers in Game 1--and he had a good series too--but I hope due consideration was given to others.
    • Neil S  •  2 days 16 hours ago
      Congrats to Giants for finally exposing the Tigers as the mediocre team they really are. Coke choked, Cabrerra proved he's not a real MVP and Leyland was out-coached. Way to embarrass the AL!
    • sftball luver  •  2 days 18 hours ago
      now they are going to give the A.L, mvp and cy young to the tigers. MIKE TROUT FOR MVP!!!!!!!!!!
    • Steve L  •  2 days 21 hours ago
      Congrats to the Giants...Boo to the writer, Corvettes are made in Kentucky!