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(Hey, everybody has to specialize in something !)


Welcome to Mr. Sharkey's Home Domain. It feels like the content in the site is somehow more relevant due to the kind feedback from hundreds of interested viewers. My statistics program shows that the server is delivering in excess of 33,000 pages of information weekly, so there must be some interest in the material presented here! Best of all, this site is still banner, popup, and advertisement free!!!

As for the sub-heading, well, of all of the E-mail I received after the page began to be published and started showing up in search engines, only a few correspondents were interested in something other than buses and trucks. Since it seems as though there is a shortage of information on the subject on the net, I decided to become cyber-space's expert, or at least to offer what I have on hand to satisfy the requests for more information. Check in at the Bus Barn to view the additions.

Other subjects covered include solar power and alternative fuels, electric vehicles, and some interesting archived news articles. If you are a first-time visitor, you may have to click around a bit to make sense of what's here, but there are no dead-end links, at least not within the Shark-site. The Site Map has a link to every publicly available page in the site, complete with the date that page was last edited, and can serve as a great navigation aid, in case you are concerned about missing something.

I've plunked down the $$ for a five-year renewal of the MrSharkey.Com domain name, so it looks like I'll be around to bother your head with subversive ideas until at least 2012.

After thirteen years presenting on the Internet, and eleven managing this domain, I’ve invested many hours in freshening up the site, correcting silly typos, cutting unnecessary code and modernizing the user interface. The result may not be as quaint as the site’s regular viewers are used to, but it was time to join the new century before it go too far ahead of me.


See you soon!





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